Have you heard of the latest?  The MOM CAVE!  Yeah it is a take on the Man Cave yet with the female flair.  I know that it is great to have a place to run away from everyone and everything.  But I would prefer a ME SPOT than something called Mom Cave.  That seems more of a place to be mom to me. 

I looked it up online and noticed that most of the photos were more office related.  I have an office.  That is were I work on my blog and house hold bills.  I do have a coffee maker in there even.  But this is not my private area.

What would I want my Me Spot to look like?  Well bright and airy to be sure.  I do not need a bed or couch there as the temptation to sleep might over take me.  And certainly not a TV.  More of a get away place to read or be a lil girly since I do not do that very often.  I would want a locking door to so I could totally hide if I wished.  Give me a lil table to hold my drink and fun funky decorations.  A big soft chair and a throw to cuddle up with.  Oh and a firm no kids, pets or husbands allowed!  Guess I am looking for an expanded reading nook.

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