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I know all of y'all know just how crazy I am about coffee. It is my life's blood after all. Well I have to say I am just as lucky as can be. Why? Well I won the KRUPS and DON FRANCISCO’S COFFEE “Perfect Match” contest on KRUPS facebook. I will receive a new KRUPS Coffee Machine and a Don Francisco’s Coffee gift basket! Isn't that amazing. Of course I am going to be loving it like no one else's business!

 With my new coffee set coming, I have been getting ready. I started by digging in my Chicken Soup for the Soul: Food and Love. This is great. Short lil stories and recipes too! I am all there. I adore the story about Love and Lattes. All about how when this couple started out with lil of nothing (as we all do), he would rise in the morning and take great pride in making the lattes for them to enjoy. Of course life goes on and lattes become coffee in the pot. And kids take up our time for enjoying that latte with a leisure. But life also has a cycle. And later on they were able to get away for a great period of time. Once again mornings slowed down and the lattes were back. A memory of a start for a wonderful life.

 You do know that I have always enjoyed sharing. So since I have new gifts coming.....you should too! Chicken Soup for the Soul agrees. You can win one of 3 copies of Food and Love right here. Just pop on down to the Rafflecopter to enter with a click or two. As always thanks so to Chicken Soup for the Soul for sharing with all of us.

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  1. Being a single mom since my son was 6 (he's now 28) I don't remember having any food and love moments LOL

  2. My food love moment was when I first tried mozzerella sticks< I was in love from that day on.

  3. I love to cook and consider cooking good food an act of love to my family
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  4. My food and love moment was when I learned to bake my favorite cake.

  5. One of my first memories is my great grandmother cooking for me as a child. She put her heart and soul (so much love) into her cooking. She was an amazing cook and I strive to be like her.

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  6. My food and love moment is simply when dear hubby takes me to Red Lobster for my all time favorite food, seafood and my favorite love, him! It's awesome because I know that he doesn't care to go there but he does it just for me (he hates seafood and the smell).


  7. A food memory is eating special meals around my grandparent's large antique table. My grandmother was an excellent cook and there was always plenty of food and leftovers when she cooked. I remember a peanut butter candy with marshmallows that she used to make. It was a special treat!


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