Kids Coming Soon

Well I heard from my daughter out of town today.  She is getting things set up for the grandbabes to visit during  Spring break.  YIPPEEE!

So I am getting ready too.  I have kites to fly in the back yard.  Army men to explore our sand pit with.  And all of the ususal bubbles, sidewalk chalk and outside games set up on the front porch.  I am hoping that Dear Hubby makes the tee-ta-totter I want for the side yard in time.  In my office I am setting up an area just for them.  Where they can color, work puzzles and hang out with Nonnie (that's me!).  And since my office is connected to our bedroom then we can set up videos in there if needed.

Since we are going to be having a full week of fun I know I have to schedule some quiet time.  That is where videos really help out.  That way we can cuddle up, giggle and wiggle around as we watch them.  I am sure that Landon will be thrilled to see "The Adventures of Chuck & Friends".  He is a big fan of trucks.  Dear Hubby (aka Coppie) took him for a ride in the front end loader at work.  It was a thrill for Landon.  And this time we are going to see about him getting to do a lil ride in a big rig.  This will all go so well as he identifies the different trucks on the video.

The cover of the DVD is reversable so that he can color it himself too.  He will like that.  Hasbro, Inc did the video with Shout! Factory and it was released just this month.  Thanks so for them sending me the DVD to share with the grandbabes.  You can catch the show on The HUB TV channel.  The star of the show is Chuck.  He's a little dump truck with a big sense of humor and lots of energy. Chuck is always curious and has a way of dreaming big — then putting his dreams into action. He loves to go places and find out how things work, and he never backs away from anything new.  With the help of all of his friends we have 10 episodes to enjoy.  

It looks like we are going to have a great time.  

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