Road Trip

Road Trip!Image by -Snugg- via FlickrGood morning folks.  Today will be a road trip.  Not far, just taking the Grandbabes back home.  But College Girl is going to join us on this one.  I love that as the conversation becomes so much more interesting. She has a quick wit and inquisitive mind.  Makes it all the better!

I love these  lil road trips.  Yes, we know the way and have seen the same sights time and time again.  But have you noticed that once your in the car how conversation flows.  Well it does for  us.  We giggle so much then, madness seems to take over.  And before  you know it we are all laughing at the littlest things.

Oh and then there is the music.  You plan what music you taking for the trip?  Will it be hard core rock n roll?  Sweet tunes crooning away.  Showtunes we call all sing along too?  Anything but the kids rock, right!

And never forget the food.  Yes, my hinney hits the seat of a car and all of a sudden I am hungry.  Dear Hubby knows this is going to happen every time.  So we prepare for all the important things.  Like stopping at Sonic before we ever leave town for a big ol cranberry sprite.  Then it is donuts from the best place ever 3 towns away if it is a morning trip.  If not then lunch where Elvis use to sit and grab a burger with his army buddies.  Gotta love road food.  I wanna be the female version of Guy on DD&D, just melting over the yumminess of it all.  (Is that a word?)

Last but not least it is the getting there.  Hugs for the family.  Catching up on the latest news.  Kissing the grandbabes once again.  And then heading back home for the day to day routine.  Not a bad thing to do with a day off.  Wanna go along for the ride with us?  If so....think I will tweet it today.  So pop over to @CrazedMind on twitter and see how it goes.  Maybe  you will be able to get one of the apple fritters from breakfast?
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  1. Oh that sounds like fun! And that image was perfect too :)


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