365 Days of Blogging?

I wonder if I can really get on here every day?  I know I just took the holiday break for the end of 2011.  It seems that from Christmas to New Years it is so busy that I tend to put my blogging life on hold.  I am sure it is understandable to most.  This time of year is always filled with family and friends.  And especially with GRANDBABES!

So I know it is time to get back into the swing of things.  I thought I could give you a heads up of what I am thinking of doing this year.  Of course more book reviews as reading is a daily requirement in my life.  That will become easier as I received an e-reader as a gift this year from a new friend.  Amazing and special!  I also want to do more recipes as food is something I enjoy.  But more so I am thinking of doing a writing "column".  Of doing some more creative writing that I have had pent up inside of me.  That will be posted on the weekends.  Good idea?

What would you like for me to do?  Is there something that would be of interest for you?  Something new, different, more of the same?  More photos?  Reviews?  Less of something?  Tell me so I can get on the right track here.  Yes, this is my blog....of course.  But I love staying in touch with you too.  And I know that there was a reason you showed up before.  I would like to keep that going.

Well the grandbabes are still here.  Dear Hubby has come looking for me.  I was hiding in the corner to get this out.  Guess time for me to get social once again.  Love y'all all and talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. I used to blog every day and don't know how I did it! This year, doing the A to Z Challenge in April will be all I can handle.


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