Moving round

This guest post from Margaret Mills

I keep telling my sister she should get We had it installed at our home when we moved from our house in Newport News, Virginia. It was not hard to have installed at all and I have been really happy with the service since. She has been using a different service and has a lot of trouble with it. I think she should have realized that it would be problematic when she first got it installed. She was moving too and had a TV service installed ahead of time. It ended up not being done when her and her husband arrived to their house. She was really upset about it because she planned it specifically to spread out all the difference service installations. For us, it was a totally different story. The TV service was installed before we even got to the house. There was no mess left behind and every time we have had a question, someone is there paying attention. The channels we ended up choosing in our package were smart too. We have a good mix of sports, movies and channels that show funny shows.

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