OMG Scared

OH MY GOODNESS!  I had the biggest scare ever this weekend.  My heart was pounding.  I was doing all I could to fight back tears.  Not knowing if there was anything I could do to get things back to normal.  Anxiety filled me yet I held it all together and tried like crazy to just believe everything was going to be alright.  And now it is.

So what happened?  Well you may have noticed.  I know Aunt Rene noticed it.  As a matter of fact she is the one who brought it to my attention.  Google locked down all my accounts.  I could not get to my blog at all!  It was gone.  3 years of hard work and over 380 friends that I would not know how to track down.  Terrified me to no end.  Now I am thinking I need to get my own site.  And while doing so see what I can do to move everything with me?  I do not know how all of that works but there must be a way.  It this was all gone and I could never get it back, I do not know what I would do.

You never really think about it.  But you come on daily and talk, visit, share and know that your friends are there with you.  The day you come on and the door is locked.  You do not have a key anymore.  And no one will answer when you knocking at the door.  It is scary to think you may have lost it all.  The heck of it is I still do not know why it happened either.

Well I am back and if you do not mind I am going to post date a blog for yesterday.  It was the one day I missed.  I could not help it.  So is that cheating on my 365 days of blogging?  If I could not get into blogger than was it my fault.  I am going to say no.  And friends thank you all for being here.  I missed you more than you know.  Even for a day!


  1. Omgosh I would be freakin too! I'm happy for you (and your readers) that things all worked out. Do you know what happened so it won't happen again?

  2. I've been thinking about getting my own site too and now using blogger anymore, that would totally stink if it was all gone!

  3. So glad you got everything back! I was scared for you! Yay!!! Welcome back!

  4. OMGosh, we would hate to lose you!!!


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