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"We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this breaking news story!"
Well, maybe it's not so important as all of that, but it is a pretty awesome thing that I think people should know. By the way, my name is Charity and I am the photographer/artist of Jayde's Little Corner Photography . I have hijacked Lenore's blog to let you know about an awesome promotion available through my photography page. If you are looking to hang some new art on your walls to help bring in the new year, I can help. Right now, I have a sale going on wrapped canvas prints. Choose from a 16X20 for $40 (or 2 for $70) or a 20X24 for $50 (or 2 for $90) plus $5 Shipping & Handling. These prices won't last, actually they are only good through January 26th, 2012.
I have so many different images to choose from, you're sure to find something to suit your taste!

Do you love the outdoors? I have a Tree Series  , Flower Series , and a Nature: Close Up  series to choose from.  Do you prefer a more industrial look to your art? Take a look at my Manmade Series and Farm Life Series   If none of those suit your tastes I still have the HDR Beginnings, Nightlife, ABC Photography, and a few images that are Uncategorized.  Lastly, you do have the option of using one of your own photos, but you CAN NOT use one that you do not own the copyright to. I have to trust people to be honest with this, but I do reserve the right to request the copyright release if I think the image may have been done by a professional.

To place your order, you will need to select the image you want (if it is your own I will need a HIGH RESOLUTION copy of the image), select the size you want and send it to me in an e-mail jaydephoto at gmail dot com BE SURE TO PUT LWCANVAS AS YOUR SUBJECT LINE!!!! Once I have this information I will send you a payment request through PayPal, you will need to make your payment as soon as possible, remember this is only good through January 26th! Once Payment is recieved I will have your canvas printed (the images will be cropped, you can request a 'proof' of the final image before payment or I will just crop it in the most visually pleasing manner possible). The canvases will ship to me where I will sign and title the image for authenticity (if it's one of my images) and then ship it off to you promptly. The entire shipping process could take up to 6 weeks.   Please add in the code lwebb For this special price. 

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions at all! 

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