A Nice Party

We had a very NICE party with our friends.  I can tell you about it, but I can't show you.  Why?  Well  my cheap camera ate all of my photos.  YEAH RIGHT!  Honestly, it was not the dog ate my homework kinda thing at all.  I am so bummed out that I lost the photos.  Dang electronics!

You see House Party helped me host a Walgreens NICE party.  They were sharing with us about the store brand products that are all 100% guaranteed.  We centered our party around our game night (yet this time it was played in the afternoon).  Knowing how much the snacks would be appreciated with everyone it was a perfect fit.  The Other Mom had made us some really cool snack bowls too from old records.  I loved that!

I am going to give you a list of all the goodies and tell you the best of the best!

For you, the host:
Nice!™ Shopping Tote--large roomy bag that would carry at least 4 plastic bags of groceries!
Recipe items for oatmeal cookies, including Nice!™ Quick Oats, Raisins, Baking Soda and Cinnamon--We cheated and used the Nice!™ Cinnamon to spice up our coffee as it brewed.  The Nice!™ Quick Oats and Raisins made up a great breakfast the next morning too.  You see our card group is also our coffee clutch.  So we was able to extend the fun to two days!
Nice!™ Zipper-Seal Storage Bags--There was so much snack mix that we bagged up extra in these for several to take home with them!
Flower Seed Packet--Princess Emma asked kindly for the Forget Me Not seed packet.  She wants to make a flower garden at home this spring.  So of course we all agreed.
For the party:
Nice!™ Traditional Snack Mix--again, this was huge bag.  It would serve your next party with left overs!
Nice!™ Microwave Popcorn--Did you know we only had 12 kernels that did not pop?  Is that some kind of record?  Fantastic!
Nice!™ Trail Mix (both chocolate and nuts and fruit and nuts) and Natural Almonds Single-serve Snacks--Yummy!  We shared again with Princess Emma so she could have them for lunches.  The rest....dug right on in!  How I love trail mix!
Nice!™ Sturdy Cups--Remember our morning coffee clutch.....yeah baby!  These cups have the protector on them so  you do not burn your hands.  Add on a travel lid and it is the perfect on the go cup.
Nice!™ Shopping List Pads--Great to make notes of what we wanted to get on our next trip to Walgreens.  Also used them when we played games.  Score pads....yeah it worked.
Nice!™ Coupons--those were snatched up real quick.  Everyone loves a savings.
Redbox® promo code good for a FREE one-day Redbox® DVD rental. Redeemable ONLY at Redbox® kiosks at Walgreens locations. (This is an electronic offer.)--Now we can start planning our movie day as a group.  Whoot!

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