Well today is my third time to get to try this free writing thingy.  With the grandbabes here my mind is not really too clear.  But Dear Hubby took them to see the great grandfolks so I could have a lil time with y'all.  So I will do my best....bear with me folks.

I love waking up to the purring of Mr. Kitty.  As usual he has curled up on my chest this morning.  The sun light is coming in all golden making his own yellow tinged fur to shine.  While I am waking and my breathing is changing his does too.  A twitch of an ear and flick of whiskers as he peeks through a slanted eye at me.  He knows I am awake.  When I try to move my hand his own paw moves on top of it, telling me not to hurry.  There is plenty of time to get moving.  This is a nice time of day to take stock in my life.  Pretty good if you ask me but of course I am biased.  But I have a roof over my head and a warm bed under me.  Lucky to know there is a husband who adores me and family that supports my thoughts and actions.  Pets that depend on me, chores to keep me busy and enough free time to do what I wish when I care to.  Honestly what would really be needed past those things.  I am fed, cared for, loved and have those to love.  Life is really good.  I know it is....why Mr. Kitty reminds me of it every morning.

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  1. SAHM of an empty nest? Love it! I usually say of adult children or who is fast running out of reasons to stay at home!

    I love when my cats cuddle, usually fall asleep


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