Time to Play!

Hey folks...forgive me but life is busy for me this weekend.  Why?  Well the GRANDBABES are here for a visit.  So as a good Nonnie I must play.  So here is a quick update.

Here are the Grandbabes.

And here is the bedtime story from last night.  Sadly I am nursing a bad cold so reading is out for me.  Thank goodness Vanessa Williams agreed to read for us.  She is willing to read for your babes too!  How? Well she is on CD reading Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel.  It sure did save me since I was really down and out last night.  It was hard when kitty was told that her favorite foods were all gone and that all that was available was asparagus and beets and cauliflower and dill and lots and lots of other vegetables kitty did not like.  The she became a very bad kitty indeed.

Kitty…Ate the homework…Bit Grandma…Clawed the curtains…Damaged the dishes…BAD KITTY!

So her owner went to the grocery store and  bought her anchovies… buffalo burrito…chicken Cheesecake.  All of kitty's favorites.  

Thankfully kitty then apologized to grandma…cleaned her cat box…and all was well. Well until the new puppy arrived!

The Grandbabes enjoyed the story, bright pictures and was glad to have it 'read' to them even if Nonnie could not do it.  I liked the story but was not happy that kitty was bribed with her favorites in order to mind.  I would have preferred for her to learn to eat her veggies....even if she did not like them the best.  I thank McMillian for sending me this book and CD set.  It was a life saver last night!
Boxes of the two most popular Girl Scout cooki...Image via Wikipedia
Oh and if you did not know it....it is Girl Scout cookie time.  Find yourself a girl scout to stock up on your favorites.  Come on you know you can not live with out the Thin Mints and the Samoas!

And if your addicted to chocolate as bad as I am then Kelloggs has done you in.  They just released Krave.....the chocolate pocket cereal...or better yet the chocolate pocket encased in chocolate crisp!  No I did not get any free cookies or cereal.....I wish.  But I thought I would let you know what is next for that late night indulgence. 

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