Me Oh My I Love Pie

The Pie song

Me oh my
Nothing tastes sweet, wet, salty and dry
all at once o well it's pie
an' wet bottom.
Come to your place everyday if you've got em'
Me o my
I love pie

These are the lyrics to The Pie Song from the movie Michael.  I loved that song sung so easy by Addie Macdowell.  And I love pie.  Especially good pie crust.  This last week we visited our middle daughter in Waco when returning the grandbabes.  Now she has the in with pies.  And she sent us home with 1 apple pie, 1 cherry pie and 7 apricot pies.  WOW!  Add that to the 2 sweet potato pies that our youngest daughter's beau made.  We have an abundance of pies.  Oh wait!  There are two frozen cream pies in the freezer too!  Well those can wait for another day.

Deutsch: Apfelkuchen English: Apple pieImage via Wikipedia
So what did we do with the 11 pies?  Well we had pie for breakfast one day.  Okay, not the best solution but we  loved it.  We sent pies with Granny M to the local hangout to share with the coffee drinkers.  They loved that.  One went to work with Dear Hubby for the guys to munch on.  Also one across the street to Nessa.  The Other Mother and Princess Emma and Poppi joined in on the eating of pie too!  We put 2 in the freezer also.  But there is still pie here to be eaten.  So since I am house sitting this weekend and will not be here.  Just use the back door to come in and help yourself.  Because I promise you, we like pie but me oh my....we have had enough!


  1. I love pie too! I love Blackberry the best. Oh and coconut cream pie. Yummy!!

  2. i love cherry pie the most and straw berry

  3. Pumpkin! And anytime of year not just at Thanksgiving.

  4. Im eating coconut cream pie right now

  5. BLACK bottom, NOT wet! How disgusting would a a wet bottom pie be?!


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