Ladies Only Today

Okay guys....advert your eyes.  This is meant for the ladies. Yeah...go on now.  Back to the ball game or the bar-b-que or whatever.  Out!

Now girls.  I wanna just talk amongst ourselves here.  You see there are times when you just need the opinion of another lady.  I have a lil credit built up to where I can treat myself (and Dear Hubby) to something a lil special.  And since it is not something I get to do too often I wanted to try a lil sexy outfit.  But I need your thoughts on what to get.  I want something that looks good on my plus size body yet has a lil flair to it.  Not all out there in  your face kinda thing ya' know.

I was looking over at EdenFantasys because they have a 70% off sale on lots of items.  And lingerie is on the list.  Also I liked that when I looked at an outfit for a plus size gal it was on a PLUS SIZE GAL!  (Don't you hate it to see it on a skinny mini when it is targeting us full figure gals?)  Anyway here are some I was checking out.  Tell me what you think would be a good idea?

This long all Red Moonlight Magic number had the sex appeal for my full figure without showing it all off.  I liked that there was a lil skin showing but in modest bits.  Lace is always nice especially when it is not completely see through.  At only $25.99 (that I have credit to cover it so no cost to me at all!) it is also a pretty modest price don't you think?

Next I was happy to see signature color of course.  It is called Wild in Ibiza!  Also listed as a dress but I think I would need leggings if it was worn anywhere at all.  I do not think I could get away with anything that short.  But at home fixing Dear Hubby a nice dinner, then, maybe?  Could see myself serving in this one.  It is a lil more at $45.99 but still I have the credit to cover it too.
And last on the list is a lil costume.  I like the lil ruffle tap shorts under it especially.  Has that flair while also providing coverage.  Plus size gals have to keep it in mind that even though there men do love them just the way they are, we still have to dress up the goods from time to time.  The black and pink is also appealing to me.  Sorta like a dressed up ol west saloon gal in this Bow Bustier with a price tag of  $50.39 on sale.  I would have to get the Garter Ruffle Panties seperate and that might be a lil harder for the plus size gal to find.  But there is a set for $16.49.  So this would be almost $67.00 for the outfit.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeWell?  What do you think?  Which would you pick?  #1 in Red, #2 in Pink or #3 in Black?   Help me out.  I want it here by Valentine's Day.


  1. I'd get the red one, but I have leg issues...

  2. I'm torn between the red one and the cute pink and black one. I love the style of the red, but the colors of the pink and black. Both would work well.


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