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Do you see me there?  Do you notice anything?  No not that I am beautiful.....the most beautiful....ha ha, you know only Dear Hubby feels that it should be.  But do you notice something else?  Well yeah the necklace is cool, colorful and amazing.  I will tell you about that too.  But is there something else?  Yeah those are the new glasses I told you about.  But that is not it.  And yeah my lip is pierced.  But I told you about that too.  So do you see it yet?  Here let me help.

Yeah there you go.  See the hair?  See the PINK?  Yeah that pretty pink accent to my hair.  Well of course that is my signature color so I know your not surprised.  But did you know this is also tribute hair?  Why of course t is.  I mean who would think I would just go off and color my hair on a whim.  Ha Ha. 

So a tribute you say?  Well yes, this is my hair to celebrate another time spent with Pinky and Bear.  Do you remember them?  I told you about them in The Big Show Stopper.  Now I have had another adventure with them in 'Death is a Cabernet' by Ken Dalton.  Yes, Bear is a big, well bear of a dude....but Pinky in his unbelievable gall is still my favorite.  Gosh don't tell him as he thinks I am only after him for his wine collection.  I have to tell Ken Dalton thank you for sending me a REAL book (not an e-book) to read in my bed as I curled up at night.  It has already gotten well worn with a few wine stains.  But I drank only white wine so it is not bad.  (Hey a girl has to have wine for medicinal purposes to sleep---right?)  I love that it is also autographed just to me.  Pretty cool to be noticed that way.  
Yeah!  Well let me get to it.  I mean tooting my own horn is more of what Pinky does.  I really loved that Flo (Bear's girlfriend) really stepped up and became a stronger force in 'Death'.  She is a great strong, you don't walk on me type of girl.  And even more so when she decides it is time help a dubious lil lady.  I popped on over to a wine country trip while wondering just how Paul ended up in a vat of wine.  Besides ruining a really good Cabernet he made quite a bit of a mess of things but just dying too.  We learned more as Bear and Flo examined the winery while Pinky visited California.  Of course it was great to stay in the bed and bath and have time with old college buddies (cough cough).  You know I am not going to tell you the story.  Or how those beautiful twin blond shells work into the story.  Or even about the flooding river, gun fights or how Flo took over the law office.  You have to read the story to find that out.  But this one is a keeper, would have been even without the autograph.  I had fun once again with Pinky and Bear.  'Death is a Cabernet' is worth a bubble bath, glass of vino and it may even turn your hair Pink.

Now you also saw that beaded necklace.  Yeah, I know you looked at it really close.  Here take another look.  

Beautiful.  Semi precious stones and glass beads with hand tied knots between each bead.  This can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or even a belt.  And all of that is pretty cool in itself.  But there is something that is really amazing about this lil neck-let-belt (okay I made that up).  This is available only through World Vision Gift Catalog.  Yes, you can make the big difference in a life this year.  Now is the time to really get the true spirit of Christmas and give a gift that will help others.  The purchase of the necklace above helps fight the war on human trafficking.  Yes that really does happen.  Selling people to make a profit off of their work and abuse.  Horrid thoughts, but you can help stop that.  

Or you can reach out in other ways.  Give a goat, duck, clean water, education, food and dozens of other ways you can make an impact.  Give a gift of $20 and you can give a rabbit (you know how many babies they can have?), two soccer balls or a meal for a family.  Or give more to help with crops, food, shelter, jobs.....hundreds of ways.  Do not have much money to give?  combine with family, friends or have a World Vision holiday and let everyone give a lil to make a lot.  A holiday cocktail party with a wine jug to collect donations could become your new tradition and way to share.  Make up a way...but more so....look at what a lil will do.  You can follow 'The True Spirit of Christmas on Facebook to see how these gifts really make a difference.

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