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I so enjoy reading a mystery. My favorites are about those twisted killers that you just wonder what the heck they were thinking when they did what they did. But even I have to take a break from that kinda murder and mayhem. And then it is fun to have a murder mystery that is kinda tongue in cheek. You know fun to read while still having a good story line.

Being in the middle of nowhere Texas we have our own cast of odd ball characters. So it is fun to meet them in a book too. While reading The Big Show Stopper by Ken Dalton, a few of them popped up. I am sure that one of our own lil country lawyers could have passed for the character of Pinky. And I can just picture Bear, a big ol boy who will let his lady, Flo, wrap him around her lil finger. He may not think so but of course that is the truth. I mean gosh isn't that how he got in the mess on The Big Show Stopper anyway?

You have seen them in your own life. Flo with her weekly appointments at the beauty shop. Always looking her best even when there is a bit of goo from her favorite country singer on her arm. But Bear takes control in his own way. Saying okay to Flo and soothing her out the door in time. Knowing that he has a bit of work to follow up on the murder that just took place with everyone looking. It is a fun lil jaunt to see how Bear and Pinky manage to clean up things in time. Of course there are the required jump through the hoops here and there. But in a true tongue in cheek fun fashion this murder mystery does stop the show. Ken Dalton provided bigger than life characters that are perfect for an afternoon read. I know that I am totally relaxed having had time to kick back and play for a bit with this book.

Thanks so to Nicole and Tribute Books for this blog tour. I would have enjoyed reading a bit more if it was not a E-Book (pdf file). I am more comfortable laying in bed cuddled up reading than sitting in front of my computer. But life goes on....and I am really glad to have had a chance to be part of this tour. I did not receive any compensation other than the chance to read an enjoyable book.

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  1. Lenore - thanks for the great review. I'm glad that you enjoyed the book. I really liked how you expressed your thoughts in this one - very well done. You captured the tone of the book perfectly. Great job!


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