On My Own

This morning I am having a wonderful 'On My Own' bit of time.  Why do I say that?  Well lately I have felt like I am going from here to yon every day.  Waking early to do a bit of chores before the house gets up.  Fixing Dear Hubby's lunch, warming up the car, picking up my mom's friend, carry all to work or the coffee shop.  Pick up exercise buddy and work out at Curves.  Drop her off, pick up mom and her friend, drop off her friend then take mom to cardiac rehab.  Finally done there and back to the house to do chores or run around town to do errands.  By the time I get to stop driving it is almost noon.  At home with my mom for a few hours and then she is ready to go again.  The rounds start all over but in reverse til hubby is off work and were home around 5:30 pm.  By then I do not want to make dinner, hug hubby or even smile.  I just want to hide, decompress and go to sleep.

So today I am on my own.  I did the first part of the rounds and then gave the car up to my mom's friend.  She can carry them to the coffee shop, go to rehab and keep the car til they are ready for afternoon tea.  Even can pick up Dear Hubby.  I am home and free to be me til dinner time.  And yes, I am planning dinner already!  But first some me time.  And that is starting with a good breakfast.  I have so wanted a good bowl of oatmeal.  Not something the cafe tried to microwave and carried out looking like wall paste.  But slow cooked with all the lil extras in it.

 Today I am having oatmeal with some fresh chopped apples, grated coconut, brown sugar and butter in it.  I am thrilled to finally have a decent breakfast.  It feels like forever since I sat down to a bowl of oatmeal.  My preferred breakfast, truth be told.  What do you like to put in  yours?  I can add most anything.  But lean toward nuts, fruit (dried and fresh), bacon or sausage at times, always brown sugar and butter.  Been dreaming of some with dried cherries, walnuts and drizzled with honey.

 Well here is my breakfast with the ever present cuppa coffee.  Time to eat.  I will be back soon to talk again.  But until then, I am ON MY OWN!

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  1. I love Oatmeal.. I love it with some Brown Sugar and Cinnamon...
    Sometimes I will throw a few chopped Walnuts in it.
    I have never liked it with butter but know lots of people who do.. also perfer my milk on the side not in the bowl of oatmeal..
    I had eggs and toast for breakfast and I have to say it was good.. Maybe oatmeal in the morning or for dinner. Its one of my favorite late night foods
    Have a great day.. Enjoy the peace..


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