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With my internet going up and down, on and off and soon I think I am going to chunk it out the door, it is time to find something that makes me smile.  So today I am going to play!

First I wish to remind you that you have a chance to win 1 of 3 Chicken Soup for the Soul: Shaping the New You books right here. Easy, Smeasy. Just click and comment!  Make sure you do that as there are few entries.

I have Princess Emma here today since her Poppa and the Other Mother have to make a long trip to get to a doctors visit.  I imagine we will be together til way past bedtime tonight.  So we plan on finger painting, coloring, dancing (we always like to dance) and playing games on the Wii.  But of course we have to have some times to sit and cuddle too.

Our first part is that we are going to read You are a Gift to the World.  It is a flip-sided book.  I loved these as a kiddo.  You know that  both sides tell a story so you get two books in one.  The hardcover of this book is coming in April but we have the big soft version right now.  I am hoping that Princess Emma gets one of the pages down pat.  That is where it says that a hug is the best gift in the world.  She has been playing a game with me lately where she is withholding her hugs from me but not everyone else.  Such an imp!   So I want to share what this book is telling us.  She is a gift to the world, especially my world.

This book was written by Laura Duksta who also did I Love You More.  But what I find a kinship is that Laura writes these books for children so they know they are the most special (okay bad English) people ever.  As a child she suffered from alopecia areata where she lost all of her hair.  Of course this was very hard for an 11 year old to take.  And it changed her life in many ways.  Well currently you have seen my shaggy headed Dear Hubby.  Well that shag is there for a reason.  He is growing his hair out, because mine never seems to grow, to donate to Locks of Love.  They make hair pieces for alopecia patients.  He has been growing his hair out for a year now and only has about 2 more inches to go before he can donate the required 10" minimum. 

Next we are going to dance through the video Veggie Tales Happy Together!  I am so excited.  You see College Girl loved Veggie Tales when she was teen.  I remember many a Veggie Tale party with the youth at church.  This one is about family, friendship and faith.  I can't wait.  I can just imagine Princess Emma dancing a jazzy number to Larry sings the blues.  And she should be wearing her new Dinosaur Train footed pajamas too.  So that way we can dance, keep warm (chilly here) and not slip n' slide too much.  Did your kiddos watch Veggie Tales?  What was there favorites?  Gosh we had stuffed toys and ones that talked.  Oh but you was not allowed to bring a veggie tray to a screening party as that was just cannibalism.  I also wanted to let you know a VeggieTales Valentine Candy Card Kit is available now exclusively at Walgreens. The kit is only $2.99 and includes 30 cards and lollipops, plus one special teacher card.

Then later in the afternoon for a quiet time we are going to start watching Seasons 1 & 2 of ReBoot.  We have all 26 issues of the first two seasons of this Saturday morning favorite.  Well it was a favorite back in 1994 with The Boys that lived with me.  The Boys were 6, 4 and 2 back then.  And we had so much fun reliving the adventures on ReBoot.  Did your kiddos watch this one?  Oh it has gone on to become a big favorite for gamers and kids of all ages too.  But it was were we all lived in Mainframe and fought off the super virus Megabyte and Hexadecimal.  Yeah a very early 90's time of life but one I am happy to revisit.  This is being released March 1st of this year if your interested in getting your own copy.  Pop over to and see all the cool shows they have.  It is like revisiting your childhood.  I know I have found so many good shows there that I want to share with Princess Emma and College Girl.   I am wanting the Twilight Zone series while Dear Hubby is crossing his fingers for Mystery Science Theater.  Yeah, we are reliving our youth through the kiddos here.....thank goodness!

I want to say thank you to all who have provided me these dvd's and books to enjoy.  I so like doing the reviews on them.  Of course I am not paid for this but you know the fun of sharing with Princess Emma and my family is payment enough.  Don't you think?

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!


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