Looking Forward to Warmer Days

Life is so cold here once again.  And of course I hate the cold weather.  But I can think ahead.  And one way is by looking at the spring clothes that College Girl is going to be wearing.  She is going to the Twilight convention in Nashville this spring.  So of course that calls for some really cool clothes.  Wanna see what she is going to take? I do want to say I did not have a good camera (cell phone) and that these are College Girl and my lovely Other Daughter.
This is a cool top that has a beautiful necklace attached.  All pearls and silver chains and rhinestones.  The back has a strap across the top and then a lil peek-a-boo hole at the top.  Add the layers ruffles on the arms and College Girl feels she is so styling.  She says that she loves the girly feel of this one while still being comfortable at the same time.  It is part of the collection of clothes from Te Amo.  And afforadable...yes!  $13.99 at Kmart.com

CG thought this one had the rocker look.  A simple black pull over but has silver chains hanging on the arms for a great looking sleeve.   I know that she went through her goth period in high school and would she have ever killed for this one then. Can you imagine if she had her hair straight as can be with some killer red lips.  My CG would be so rocking it all then.

Want more?  Pop over to Mommy? I'm Hungry and see the Te Amo giveaway she is hosting.  You may also find Te Amo on Facebook too!

Here is a great take on the double breasted jacket.  So cool in black and has a lil bit of a military feel to it.  It looks like CG is taking control here.   You can find one similar to this at Sears.com.  The great thing is that nothing of Te Amo's line is over $35.00.

I know that the faux leather racer jacket was also a hit but watching College Girl circle around the room with it.   It was like Christmas all over to her.  She says this one is going to go with her on the trip....For Sure!
She also has two blouses that are the same style but one is grey and the other purple.  They are big and slouchy, having a billowing style.  But the arms are completely closed in so nothing is peeking out.  That is perfect.  CG feels like these are appealing to that hippy artist in her.  I have to agree.  Te Amo has made a big hit in her opinion.
The girls dressed up together here.  College Girl in  her school colors of Purple and white with this cute dress with side pleats.  And my Other Daughter 'Vanna in a strapless black faux leather dress.  I have to say, it was fun to see how jealous CG was that her sister could wear the strapless dress but sad she could not fill it out.  That was the one she wanted to wear to the Twilight Ball.
Here is my beautiful Other Daughter sporting the same dress and topping it off with a faux fur jacket.  This is like the jacket you may have see Kim Kardashian wearing lately.  The dress only runs $26.00 which is a steal of a good deal.  I think she looks like she is ready for a night out dancing.
Looking sparkling fresh with this royal blue and black sequin top is my dear Other Daughter once again. Te Amo has this in royal blue and also in white.  And it is only $16.00 at KMart.com.  I have to say this is an affordable and stylish way to dress up the girls in clothes.  I think that these are all going to be packed in College Girls bag for her spring trip.  What do you think?

I do want to thank Te Amo for sending so many beautiful items for us to try on.  It was fun having the fashion show here.  What a thrill it is to see the Post Man, Fed Ex Guy or UPS Girl show up here.  I am always wondering what is next to unwrap and review.  On days like this one, we know we have struck gold.

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