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I have told y'all about the upcoming  Turtle aka new grandbabe that will be here this summer.  Well of course we are all excited and gearing up.  I was told they found sheets with blue and green turtles on them for the crib.  How cute.  I will also be sharing some information with mommy about pros and cons on the pregnancy, birth issues and ways to raise a child.  Isn't that what Nonnies are for?  I want to share some information I have about epidurals.  There is always the do I or don't I on having one.  I am going to send her the book Epidural WIthout Guilt to read.  It should give here a lil insight as a first time mommy. 

And of course there will be the breast milk or formula issue.  So many decisions that you feel will be the most important you make in the health of your baby.  When College Girl was just a a lil one we did the cloth diapers.  I mean how do you diaper a 2 lb baby otherwise. But you can get Bright Beginnings diapers to  buy on diapers.com.  They currently have a 30% cash back on your diapers with coupon code GET30BACK.  Things have changed so much in the last 'eon' since I was a new mom.  Disposables were to carry with you for trips but not something we used everyday.  Now it seems to be the way of life.  I know that it is easier and clean up is amazing! 

As a matter of fact we can fan our favorite companies now.  That way we know the newest products, get discounts and connect with others who share our view points.  You can even fan Bright Beginnings on Facebook.  It was great to know that I can purchase the formula that my grandbabe needs online and have it sent to the.  Living far from them this is a wonderful way to help them with cost.  On the facebook fan page I was able to see the differences from one mixture of formula to the next.  I so wonder what decisions my new mommy is going to make for this grandbabe.  And more so how I can help her be a strong mom too!

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