Quiet Beliefs

Good morning! I have to say that because it is the wee hours of the morning. The only time that my internet seems to wish to work. And Verizon is slow in fixing it apparently. The guy on the phone in Mexico seems to think they are working on it. But I am not seeing any change after our 2 hour phone conversation yesterday. So before I make coffee and while I am hitting the wrong keys here let me get to business today.

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Now since I am typing to you I am not doing one of my morning things.  You see this is my time when all are still sleeping.  I can fix my coffee, do my chores and have private time.  Some of that time is for my prayers and bible study.  Yeah, I am a closet Christian.  Why do I say a closet Christian?  Well because my faith is inside.  I am not loud and out spoken as many believe we should be.  What I feel and believe is deep inside and actually I protect it quite well.  And I feel it is very private too what one has deep in their heart.  I grew up in a time of Southern Bible Thumpers.  I did not enjoy church at all then.  It was loud and for a young girl pretty scary.  Hell and Brimstone does not touch my heart but did create a very big fear.  One that actually drove me away from church, God and belief for a good long time.  It took some major events to create the change in me to see out God once more.  I will not go into that now.  But in time I sought out more and learned in a much quieter fashion.  One that worked for me.

But I do not think that I am very far from the norm anymore.  I believe that there are many quiet or closet Christians out there.  I do not think that Christianity in America is falling away.  I feel it is being internalized more.  Gabe Lyons has a book, The Next Christians, that falls somewhat into this belief.  Of course we are not on the same page, but I  am rarely on the same page as anyone else.  I do like that he is seeing a change in the course of people and how they react now.  In his book he talks about 'the restorers' and I feel there is great truth there.  That Christians now are not looking to offend or criticize but to help provoke thought and create the desires to seek out the truth of our beliefs.  I really like that more and more pastors (you insert your word for them here) are feeling called into service and not seeing it as employment.  I know I want a leader in the church who can guide me to learn more and to dig deeper.  Not someone to point a finger at me.  That as Christians we are to be grounded in our beliefs and have it as a natural part of our lives.  Where our community practices as a group by supporting each other and charitable works.  There is a big shift or change in the way religion is being viewed.  And I just feel it is one where we are bringing our beliefs closer to our heart or core and not wearing on our sleeve so much. 

Well I guess that was a sermon from me.  Sorry was not my intention.  I know that is normally my time to study and gosh I just sorta let it out there with you.  I do wish to thank all of my readers for being here.  For the sounding board you give me.  I especially love the return I get from comments, emails and the friends I have made here.  It is great also that I have had the chance to review so many books and items here.  I do wish to remind you that I do this because I enjoy it.  I do not get paid for the reviews I do.  I may get a book or video in order to see what I am talking about.  But that is it.  Holler at me sometime soon.  Tell me what you like, don't like and wanna talk about.  And I think I will get back to making coffee now.  Good morning all!

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