Neighbor's Fire

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

A family in my neighborhood recently lost their home to a fire. It was a terrible thing, and our neighborhood has really banded together to help them replace some of the household goods that the fire claimed. The family was out of town and the fire began in the middle of the night; by the time a neighbor noticed and called the fire department, the house was engulfed in flames. I feel terrible for the family, and can’t even imagine having to rebuild my entire home. While they of course have homeowner’s insurance, nothing can replace the photos and other heirlooms they no doubt lost. This has made our monitoring service even more of a non-negotiable in my mind. Had the family had an alarm monitoring system, it’s possible a lot of their household goods could have been saved. The monitoring company would have been alerted to the fire and could have contacted the fire department immediately. There’s no telling how much less damage could have been done, but I’m certain the fire would not have raged for as long as it did. No matter where we’re cutting money right now, we will not be cutting out our alarm service.

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