Some Quickies for the Kiddos

Here is a quick save!  If you have one of those lil ibooks, kindle thingies....that you let the kiddos use.  Well you can keep them busy with them on the way over the river and through the woods as you go to grandma's house.  And if that is not enough there will be tons of ideas also for those days that are cold wet and dreary...stuck inside the house.  But in case your in TEXAS like us with weather in the 70's then boot the kiddos to the backyard for some humdinger fun.  
Keeping the kids entertained can be quite the task. And when you’re stuck in a car or on a plane, it’s even more of a challenge. But with Kids' Activities for Traveling, you’ll find plenty of low-cost ideas for games you can all enjoy when you’re on the go.

Instead of sticking them in front of the television give them Kids' Activities for a Rainy Day— you’ll find plenty of ideas for activities you can all enjoy when the weather isn’t nice.

With Kids' Backyard Activities and Games, you’ll find plenty of ideas for activities you can all enjoy outside. This handy download will keep everyone happy hands down!

And here is more about a recently released children’s book “Maybe (A Little Zen for Little Ones™)” by Sanjay Nambiar, is an ideal fit for conscientious families across the country.  The story is about a wise girl who experiences a series of events that at first seem lucky (or unlucky) but then turn out to be quite the opposite. For each incident, the girl simply does not get caught up in the emotion of the moment, because she can never know what that event might lead to, “good” or “bad” . . . Just like the story itself, the book’s beautiful illustrations juxtapose modern graphics with traditional backgrounds to transpose the old into the new, thus creating an accessible context for deeply meaningful concepts.   Or just "Maybe" is what is happening all too often.  Sometimes we just accept what comes.  But "Maybe" we should sometimes be proactive about a situation.   So I am pretty on the fence about this book.  Could be that I am just a lil too gung ho about life to sit around and always wait on a maybe answer?

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