Happy "HOT" Birthday

Okay, first off, I need to say that the following will have "adult content".  And if you do not like that then skip off for the day.  But if you are wanting to laugh your butt off, then stick around.  Because as embarrassing the following is...it is also laughable.

Yesterday was Dear Hubby's 49th birthday was yesterday.  And he has a great fear of sharks, so of course we did a shark theme.

First there was his birthday card.

And then there was his birthday hat.  Cupcakes with shark fins and his cake.

Wait, I have a better shot,

The Other Mother made this cake.  Isn't it cute?  With the shark coming through.  And the rubber duckie that did not make it on top.  The Git-R-Done celebrity duck in his life raft on top is being protected by the super ducks from the sand sharks.

Then there was a shark sticker on the toilet that was "clogged up" and Dear Hubby had to check it out.  He jumped a mile on that one.  See it doubling up as a place mat later?

Of course we had a wonderful time.  Laughed hard and was glad Dear Hubby maded it through another year.  Later we went out for his birthday dinner.  Delicious cheese burger and fries with a side of hot wings.  And they are super hot.  Smelling them brought tears to my eyes even.

Then on home for the end of the evening.  Now this is Dear Hubby's special day.  (WARNING...ADULT CONTENT COMING UP)  So of course there was the plans on some special time in the bedroom.  I am all for that.  Things were going as planned.  Nice and slow.  Warming up bit by bit.  A lil of this, a lot of that. And building to be quite warm.  Hot you might even say.  I know that it was getting to the point that I was telling him that he was making me feel on fire.  Yeah!  Warm, warmer, hot, hotter, on Fire.....FIRE!!!  Oh my goodness, I was squirming around and trying to figure things out when....dang it dawned on me!  Dear Hubby had HOT WINGS for dinner.  And I was feeling the after effects.  And not in the nicest of ways at all.

Pushing him away, telling him what was going on and hollering for something cold.  Anything cold would do. I did not care if they were cold sex toys or ice cubes or what....as long as they were ice cold.  And darn it if I did not find out that cold and wet was not the right thing to use where a tabasco ladened hand had been.  Oh, it was not a pretty picture.

Well in time and with Dear Hubby scrubbing his hands and nails with soap and a nail brush, I decided that it was time to try and resume our love making.  I know!  Why!  But it was his birthday and we did laugh afterwards on the lil accident.   So once again with the kissing, caressing, touching and feeling.  And you know what...things were going good.  YIPPEEE!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store Well they were....until.....Oh My Goodness....Not AGAIN!  Yes, it seems that scrubbing with a nail brush is just not good enough to get rid of really hot hot wings.  But be dang it.....I am a trooper.  And thankfully we were done......quickly.  Needless to say, I jumped right out of bed.  Not after sex cuddling for me.  No it was right to the bathroom for me.  Time to find some way to cool this ol gal down.

Now if you ever find yourself in this lil situation, what do I recommend?  Well cold wash cloth to begin with. And then maybe a lil cooling gel soap.  It worked for me.  I will never again say that my man is not the hottest.


  1. I'm sorry to be laughing out loud at your misfortune, but... HAAAAAA!!!!!!
    Might as well be using Vicks!! :)
    Happy belated-birthday to your hubby and his hot-hands!! :)

  2. Happy belated birthday to your man!!

    And I have been there with the hot hands. And wow, I agree it will set you on fire. lol Hubby like jalapenos, 'nuff said. Icy Hot is also a big no-no. lol You know, ice cubes do work wonders................just sayin'!! :D


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