Family Values = Fun Times

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With yesterday being Thanksgiving and enjoying time with extended family, I have been surfing the webb while thinking about growing up.  In doings so I found something I thought you might be interested in.  So of course I popped on here to share with you.  Have you heard about American Family Insurance's Stand Up For Family Comedy Special, hosted by Bill Bellamy?  Well I just heard about it too.  It features some of today's hottest comedians providing entertainment for the entire family.  And is very refreshing to watch.  All the videos are inspired by experiences from their own families as the performers offer their own perspectives on daily life with loved ones, finding the humor that we all can relate to.   It will remind you of growing up.  Times were not easy but they were fun for sure.  Stand Up For Family is a non-stop laugh-aloud showcase perfect for families of all ages to enjoy.  Check out just one of the clips and before you know it you will be popping from one to another.  I especially enjoyed one recalling how we knew as kiddos when to come home.  It was not by a alarm on a cell phone.  Or a reminder text.  Stroll down memory lane with a chuckle or to on good ol time family values that are not so ol time after all.  These videos (follow the links) are all sponsored by AmFam.  

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