Thanksgiving with the Grandbabes

Wow it was a busy week.  Same for you too?  Thought so.  Well of course with the holiday and family and all....add in the cooking, cleaning up and time for just good all around fun, it keeps folks running.  Did you love it?  Or is it hard to keep up.  Did you do any shopping at the sales?  I do not think I could ever handle the crowds.  I try very hard to get mine done lil by lil all through out the year.  It keeps cost leveled out and I find the just right thing for everyone as I see it.  I do not know how people afford to do it all in one month?

We had the grandbabes here for a week too.  Loved seeing the arrive and like any tired ol Nonnie had to hug and kiss them when it was time for them to go.  But we did have lots of fun and a lil head butting too.  Of course there was tons of "fight the kids" (grandson's way of saying let's play the Wii sword fighting).  And reading, because that's the way we roll.  Also had movie night and games and digging in the dirt and bubbles and and know how it goes.

Wanna know the top fav things of the week?  Well Princess Emma spent the night a couple of times.  And we shared a big ol bed for all three to pile into.  For story time the first evening we read "Gracie's Gift".  Now this was a big hit with Princess Emma as her middle name is Grace.  And the story is all about how gifts come with a bow on top.  Lots of pretty bows and many of them the signature color of Pink too.  Emma loved when she understood the point of the story.  That a bow in lil Gracie's hair reminded her mom what a gift her daughter was to her.  Good point!  The pages where bright with big expressive paintings.  Perfect for all to see at story time.

On movie night we had a new Christmas movie to check out.  Have you heard of Prep & Landing?  Oh this was fun.  My oldest granddaughter really enjoyed seeing the elves as they figured out how to fix things after everything got all bungled up.  This movie premiered in 2009 but it was the first time I had ever seen it.  And now it is becoming a must have in our Christmas line up of shows to watch.  I loved seeing elf wayne learn how to look at the big picture of Christmas.  But the kiddos giggled like ever at elf Lany and his innocent outlook.  Emmy award winner and at home top candy cane award from us too.

My grandson's favorite was when we read "How Do You Feed A HUNGRY GIANT?" that was a pop-up book.  And I have to agree as pop-up books were my favorites growing up too.  This was even better when the giant stood up 3 times taller than the book.  Pretty impressive.  There is also a lil recipe book inside so you can also help feed the giant or your hoard of kiddos.  We tried out the Jumbo Fries (aka sweet potato fries) but we changed out the curry for cinnamon.  The kids loved them while at the same time sweet potatoes are abundant at this time of year.  It was also easy to explain to the kiddos using the book how important it is to help others out.

I needed a break one evening so College Girl took over bedtime duties.  She also was trying to keep up with her school work too.  If you have kiddos you know that reading a book is not always a quick read and tuck into bed.  So College Girl pulled out "Brave Irene" which is both a book and story read on CD.  I loved listening from my room as Meryl Steep told the story of Irene Bobbin delivering the duchesses ball gown to her through a horrid snow storm to help her mom the dressmaker.  There was adventures and plans to be followed through for Irene to get all the way to the Duchess home.  My grandbabes followed along.  And after the CD was through my Granddaughter read the story through a second time for her lil brother.

We had a wonderful week.  I loved all the special times where we were sharing, weather it was reading a story together, cooking our giant fries, watching a Christmas movie or just laying in bed listening to the end of the day.  Thanksgiving can be stressful that is true.  But when you take the time to see what it is your really thankful for then the warmth that takes over makes the holiday a really special time.  I hope your week was really special.  And want to tell you I am also thankful for you too!  Have a great week....see you tomorrow too.

(By the way, yes I had these items sent to me for review.  Isn't that a great way to share, learn about new items and give the grandbabes a great gift?  Thanks to the reps for adding me and Crazed Mind into their programs.)


  1. Sounds like a fun time...Wonderful memories you are making with the grandbabes..

  2. It sounds like you had lots of fun and great times with the kiddos.


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