Optimize your savings with pre planning

Today for breakfast I had Yoplait Yogurt Light in Cinnamon Roll.  It is normally .69 but I had a coupon for it to be free so 0.00 was the perfect price.  This was the coupon that I had from that wonderful Yoplait Do The Swap Giveaway.  Add in a glass of ice water and I was already set.  Hydrated from my nights sleep and the probiotics in the yogurt was working to keep me healthy.  With 100 calories and 0 fat this is a great tasting breakfast for me.  And let's not forget a good source of protein too.  You can get download a printable coupon for $1.00 off the purchase of three (3) cups of Yoplait Light yogurt to get you started with the "Yoplait Light Swap"  HERE.

And I have also picked a winner too!  The winner for the Do The Swap Yoplait Yogurt goodie bag is: Maurine who won by Following @CrazedMind on Twitter. Thanks so to her and congrats!  I have e-mailed her and am waiting on her response to send in to Yoplait and My Blog Spark.

At lunch today I had a wonderful thanks st T.G.I.Fridays.  Wonderful Cajan Style Alfredo Chicken & Shrimp heated up quickly in the microwave here at home.  See I did not even have to dress up to have a resturant meal at home.  Add in that I had a free coupon from SocialSpark.  So that 3.69 cents became an automatic 0 too.  I added in a Route 44 soft drink from Sonic.  Yeppers, from the info on the bottom of my last reciept I was able to get a free Route 44 drink.  Lunch served up at no cost.

Brookshire Grocery CompanyImage via Wikipedia
Dinner now I had to take care of 4 of us here at home.  I was not able to bring that about for nothing though.  But I did get the Real Big Deal from Brookshires.  It was FREE ONE Of Each Item:
 Kings Hawaiian Rolls 4 Ct,
Food Club Vegetables 28-29 oz I opted for corn,
Pillsbury Brownie Mix 19.5 oz  
Country Crock Deluxe Side Dishes 21-24 oz there we went for the brocolli and rice cassarole.
WHEN YOU BUY ONE Hormel, Lloyd’s Woodfire Barbeque Or House of Tsang Entrees 10-17 oz.  I chose the Lloyd's Woodfire Barbeque as we could make sliders with it using the Kings Hawaiian Rolls.  
With Brookshire’s Thank You Card I SAVE UP TO $10.86.  It was 7.98 for the main course.  I then stopped at Sonic again.  Used two more of the savings codes from the survey on the bottom.  Ordered 2 Rt 44 drinks without ice.  Took them home to serve up for drinks for all four of us.  Dinner for four at just 1.99 a person.

If I took the whole day, I served 6 meals and only spent 7.98.  That is 1.33 a meal.  This is what they mean by Saving Savvy!  Kelly Hancock, founder of the wildly popular blog FaithfulProvisions.com, started employing easy money-saving strategies of her own.  After slashing her families grocery and eat-out budget by 80%, she started blogging her secrets.  Soon, legions were following her simple steps and daily deals, and her wisdom is now collected in Saving Savvy: Smart and Easy Ways to Cut Your Spending In Half and Raise Your Standard of Living...and Giving! I love the ideas and planning tools in here. And was not surprised to see that my frugal lifestyle already had 90% of these habits in it. But that is not the norm. Most people do not feed a family of four on $100 a month at best. Inside Saving Savvy, readers learn how to:
· Learn their saving style, via a special spending-style quiz
· Eat/cook organic foods on a budget
· Create a money-saving freezer template
· Cook ³ingredient-based meals based on sale + seasonal items
· Teach children about money and budgeting
In addition, those who buy a copy of Saving Savvy can receive a free issue of All You, a magazine packed with high-value, exclusive coupons and offers on national brands (up to $100 of savings). The redemption form is on the back flap of the book for the reader to return with their store receipt for the free issue. I wish I could do this one! But since I was sent the book as a review I do not have the store receipt for the free issue. Alas that is the life....can not get everything for free but I sure am trying to do all I can to help out my family.

On FaithfulProvisions.com, the site that inspired her book, Kelly's money-saving e-tips  are eagerly gobbled up by 150,000 unique visitors per month. Links to offers by national brands, such as Target, CVS, and Walgreens are available on her site, which has even become its own iPhone app and thriving Facebook community. Just saying, you may wanna go hang out there for a bit too.  Sadly most of these items do not work for me in my one horse town.  With only one grocery store and very few chains of fast food we have our limits.  Let's not even think about any kind of a discount store bigger than the local Dollar General.  But I do shop smart, shop locally and find many savings just by applying my time and attention to doing the pre-planning.

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