Keeping Young

Oh what a week.  I loved my weekend with a quick in and out of the grandbabes.  Our local festival of the Pow Wow is always a favorite for me too.  My brother had his motorcycle entered in the contest there too.  I was so proud for him.  Yes, that is me beside his pretty Harley.  My Grandbabe TK loved riding the ponies too.  She does this every year!  I can not believe how much she is growing.  Then my Grandbabe Landon enjoyed watching the antique tractor parade with my son-in-law Jordan.  How adorable as they judged the best looking tractor.  

I know I am getting older now. Seeing signs of it all around me. Yes, I am now a grandmother to 3 lovely grandbabes. But I also hurt more often. Can not get up and down like I use too. And I have this horrid spot on my hand I can not dig out. "Out damn spot, out I say!" Top that off, I had my first skin tear this week too! Hit the back door and that easy was bleeding. Dang the luck. So what are the benefits of getting older?

Well there is great stories that you gather over the years.  And if your lucky someone to listen to them as you spin your yarns.  We can learn quite a bit from this wealth of knowledge.  I know that I was thrilled this last week to read Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Inspiration for the Young at Heart.  This was filled with 101 stories that share the wisdom as well as the humor of life once you reach that certain age.  I am not quite there but getting closer every day.  I am also going to be sharing this one with Granny M.  She has shared a some great stories with us earlier.  So to let her read about others who have developed new passions, even pole dancing!  Wow!  That was a hilarious story....and one full of women who know who they are and how to have fun.  Even going so far as to raise money to help others too.  Yes we can stay young at heart....some even stay youthful in their appearance.  Myself, I am working on staying young in my sense of humor.

Well you should know it....I have 3 of these books to share with you.  So just use the rafflecopter below to enter.  I love that like a dream.  And yes, I got a copy for myself as well.  Thanks so to Chicken Soup!


  1. I know I'm not that old but whenever your joints strat making thatpoping noise when you move. That's my uh oh moment of getting older. My email is Its stacy my phone only let me comment anonymnous

  2. Oh No! Aging moment: I noticed that the tiny scar on my left cheek that I've had since I was a toddler is showing up more when I smile in photos recently!! I'm guess that's due to a waning resilance in my skin... Wah, wah!!


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