Preteen & Teen Giveaway

Well today is Monday and we are back home for three days.  Thursday we will be back at the house/dog sitting place for 10 days this time.  It is lovely there but good to be home too.  Our own dogs were thrilled that we returned.  Thankfully we have Granny M and Our Gentleman here to care for them while we are gone.

I want to catch up on so much both here at home and online today.  Not sure if I can do it all.  But am going to try my best.  There is laundry to do.  And the house desperately needs to be swept and mopped.  Thank goodness for Libman there...makes the job much easier for me.  I also need to clean up the dog yard and check out our dirt patch of a yard for any other clean up.  The porch needs to be looked after and all the plants watered.  Whew!

And on here I have to catch up with y'all, my review work, facebook and twitter, and get some snail mail printed out.  Oh and that reminds me of my email new look.  You can get it too by the way.  Okay, I checked out MeebleMail Stationery online.  It is so cool.  You can pick a design and personalize it to your specifications.  And then use it in your email to make it more eye catching.  See mine?

Here is the top half.

And this is the bottom half with my real name and address omitted.

Once you have your design made then you purchase the use of it for a year at only $4.99.   Not a bad deal for all the email I send out.  An easy bookmark tool bar icon is put up on your tool bar.  Then when you write a new email you just click that tool bar and pick the design that you made.  I made up two of them.  One for me and one for College Girl to use.  I think that I am going to love using this in my email to the pr firms that help me out.  Maybe I will be noticed just a lil more!  And since I can edit them for the next year.  I can make it work for family reunion, holiday letters and special occasions.  I can not change the design once I purchase it but I can change the text. 

I think this would be fun  for just about anyone.  But especially for the preteen and teen.  You know to make them different from the rest of the crowd.  Oh and you know what.  I also have two of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  One Just for Preteens and the other Just for Teenagers.  These are great to share with the kiddos.  With 101 stories in each they can be quite inspiring and right on the nose as to what the teens are going through.  With all the texting these days, it is really nice to hold a real book in your hands, not an app or an ebook.  So many of my favorite books have writing in the columns of how they effected me at the time.  It is interesting to see that years later.  And the one Just for Teenagers also has the M Magazine Contest Winners stories in there.  Pretty neat to see.  You know what is next don't you?

Yes, I have the chance to give away 3 copies of each book.  Just leave me a comment below on who you would share your Chicken Soup book with.  And would it be preteen or teen?  Make sure I have your email so I can contact you if your one of the 6 (yes 6 total) winners. 


  1. Stacy Rosanna Jaimie Webb said:

    I would gladly share both with my younger sister who just turned 13. She's going through a hard patch in her life and I try to be the best big sis I can to her...only I can't leave a comment on the blog for some reason it won't let me

  2. I would give this to my daughter who is 11.
    maddiemb {at} comcast (dot) net

  3. I would give it to my daughter who is 14!
    style decor 1 at gmail dot com

    I'm a new follower! Thanks for hopping by! Isn't that always the way it works? Great deal (referring to Target deal) and they don't have your size!

  4. I would share this book with my children one is 13 one is 12
    stephanie barmann

  5. I know a couple girls who could use these books. I have a couple nieces and a few daycare girls who are almost preteens.

    I love Chicken Soup books.


  6. I love your Stationery.. what a great idea!!!!
    The book sounds great Love those chicken soup books.. I think my niece will be ready for this book.. Thanks for the chance.. and have a great time.. house/doggie sitting..


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