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We are having so much fun during our lil staycation house/dog sitting weekend.  Playing games on the Wii as a family challenge.  And watch out for our wild games on the air hockey table.  Boy does that disc fly!  Last night College Girl and I relaxed in the hot tub looking at the big Texas sky.  How beautiful.

We even had Princess Emma here yesterday.  And her and her folks will be back tonight.  We all want to pile in the hot tub.  But College Girl said she would play with Princess Emma so the adults can relax.  Isn't that sweet!  I have a DVD of Pocoyo for them to dance too.  Yes, dance.  Dance, Pocoyo, Dance! is the newest DVD out in this series that will be release on the 16th of August.  Beginning August 1 through August 31, you can receive an all-new Pocoyo DVD – Dance Pocoyo Dance!–with the purchase of 10 Langers Juices (plus $1.99 shipping and handling), while supplies last. Maybe Princess Emma can help her sissy, College Girl learn some moves.  My poor C.G. is very WHITE.  But they will have fun with Ellys Ballet Class and Drummer Boy.  Some things that P.E. loves to do.  I am wanting to see the Dance Off with the Sissys.  12 musical stories that teach how to dance to your own beat.  Perfect since I always say "there is always time to DANCE."

I also have a DVD for the grandson of the house that we are 'sitting'.  I meet him last weekend and had an enjoyable talk.  Also loved seeing 'knockers' again.  Have not seen them since I was in jr. high.  Well I brought him Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Volume 3: The Return of Heatblast on a 2 disc set.  He will have 10 episodes and the special features to watch.  Most often there is a gaggle of girls here so being the oldest boy can get to be a bore at times.  That was why I thought he might need a lil guy time.   Ben 10 continues to be one of the network's most beloved series, as Ben 10: Ultimate Alien has ranked as the #1 show among Boys 6-14 on Friday nights so far during its second season, according to Nielsen Media Research.  If your interested there is a giveaway til August 10th for this DVD at Seat42F.

But for now it is game time.  I love getting these DVD's to review.  Of course no cash payment.  But fun all the way around.  Hey.....wait for me.....time to go beat Dear Hubby on the Air Hockey table1

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  1. I love DVDs that help children learn, or dance. :)
    Much more than just some random, mindless stuff on TV.
    Sounds like fun was had by all.


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