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I wanted to share some good news with you.

For years, “do-gooder” moms and book lovers have shopped Better World Books for its big discounts and even bigger impact on the environment and literacy.  And now the company has some seriously good news to share.  But first – for those who don’t already know – here’s how it works.  Better World Books collects discarded books from libraries and campuses around the country, and sells them on For every book they sell, a cut of the money goes back to the library or campus it came from, and another goes to non-profit literacy organizations like Books for Africa.  Consider the fact that they sell millions of books every year – and those dollars start to add up.  Which leads me to the point of this post.

Since its launch in 2003, Better World Books has raised millions for libraries and literacy – and in a few days, it will hit the TEN MILLION dollar mark! They’ve even got a cute ticker on the homepage “counting up” to $10 million…looks like it’s just a few days away.  That huge pile of cash is in addition to Better World Books’ contribution to the environment – the company’s business model has helped divert over 40 million books from landfills!  To celebrate its big milestone, the company is planning an exciting announcement on August 15. Check back in with them then to find out what it is!

Princess Emma turned 5 just about a week ago and had her party at the local bowling alley. It was her first time to bowl and she just had the best time. She got a a lot of wonderful gifts but one of her favorites (and her moms, the Other Mother) is an early reading program called Start to Read. It is put out by School Zone publishing and is just a great little set. It came with five books to read, 1 comprehension book, a read along/song cd and a parent guide.  Level 1 books are designed for emergent readers, ages 4-6, and have limited vocabulary – each book introduces between 9 and 50 words. Utilizing short, one-line sentences, the titles in level 1 provide simple picture clues that significantly support the text.
Fun Features & Big Benefits

·         Memorable stories and characters

·         3-step approach to reading

·         Comprehension workbook activities

·         Story narration on audio CD

·         Whimsical, age-appropriate songs

I can't really say if it is helping her learn to read since we have only had it a short while but I can say she has really been enjoying it a lot. She loves the books that are in it!  We should see how it is working soon since Princess Emma will be entering school this month.

And while thinking of back to school, I have a lil surprise for Princess Emma and College Girl.  They are both going to have Back To School greeting cards sent to them.  P.E. for her first day of school.  And C.G. for returning back to college and living on campus.  I know they both will love getting the mail letting them know how much we love them.  And sharing our pride in them too!  What do you think? 
Here is Princess Emmas,

And College Girls,

This was fun.  I went online to Greeting Card Universe to find the right cards.  I then was able to personalize them.  Text, messages and even color and type face.  Next I put in the info to have them shipped directly to Princess Emma.  College Girls will come to my home with it's own envelope.  I have to wait til I have her mailing address at school to send hers to her. 
By the way, FREE SHIPPING when you order 10+ cards - use code 2011AUGSHIP10 - Ends Friday (U.S. only).  I am also going to share with you.  You see you can win 2 greeting cards for your own special occasion.  Easy peasy!  Just leave me a comment below on what you would use your cards for.  And make sure you leave an email so I can reach you too!  Extra entry?  Well like Greeting Card Universe on Facebook, leave them a comment and send me the link that you did.  Simple as that!

I do have to thank all that have helped me here.  For the giveaway hosting from Greeting Card Universe.  And thanks to School Zone for letting me help out Princess Emma.  Of course I did not get paid.  But was happy to have the products to review.  You check out these folks.  They treated me well and I am sure they will do the same for you.


  1. I'm a greeting-card-aholic, so this giveaway is AWESOME! I'd love to make 2 personalized cards - one for my hubby's birthday and one for our 13th wedding anniversary! Then, I can add as much sarcasm as needed to make sure they REALLY sound like me!

    Giant Sis
    wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

  2. What could be better than a personalized greeting card?

    I did what you asked for:

    Now I am off to check out the Start to Read kit.


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