C.G. is Back Home!

I am so happy today.  College Girl made it in at 2 a.m. this morning.  I have so missed her being here.  It will only be for a month at the very best.  But she is home for now.  I can dance all around with joy.  And when she arrived I had a lil surprise for her.
You see this year she will be living in an apartment on campus.  And I know how she does.  She walks everywhere, leaving her car parked at the apartment.  Getting from one class to another often means tramping from one side of campus to another.  It can be quite a hike.  But now she will have a lil help.  As a matter of fact with a lil practice she can be zipping from place to place.  Why?

Well she has a brand new pair of Heelys to flit around campus in.  She picked out the style.  With them being a dark grey she can pop out the wheels and use them on stage when moving props around.  Of course she will need to watch the video and read up on how to use her new Heelys.  Thankfully there is even a safety play book.  College Girl can be a lil off balance so we expect her to use this next month to get use to the balance of her new shoes.
I love that Heelys is throwing a Labor Day/Back-to-School special!! Between Sept 2-Sept 5, Buy one pair of Heelys, get the second pair for only $30!  Now that is a good deal.  So for those families with multiple kiddos, you can get a pair for each kiddo and save a lil too!  Or get one pair of Heelys and then a pair of the new Nanos to make them an inline footboard.  Really cool!  They fit all single wheel Heelys and have a wonderful line to them, don't you think?  And don't forget to check out their deal of the week too. 

Yes, that is College Girl with her YELLOW hair.  She had a blast doing her summer internship at Shakespeare Dallas.   I was thrilled to work with B2B on this promotion.  Gosh who would not be happy to provide Heelys for their College Girl or kiddo?  As always, this is unpaid.  I did score with the shoes though.  Just see how good they look on C.G.

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