Repairing Rainbows

I try very hard in my life to stay upbeat, happy, looking at the positive.  I am sure many others do the same.  But why is it something I am so vigilant about?  Well, as you know, I fight (tooth and nail some days) depression and mental illness.  Yes, meds help some.  But it also has to be a decision to be a happier person.  I have learned to work hard on keeping my stress levels low too.  How did this all start?

I am sure some of it is chemical imbalance.  Other parts are from my childhood and abusive life.  Much I could not control at my young age.  In time I learned to seek out help from professionals.  And to listen to my heart.  Making my own life motto of  "There is always time to DANCE!"

Why am I going over this?  I recently finished reading the true story of Repairing Rainbows by Lynda Fishman.  It reminded me of how important it is to take control of your life.  To grow, heal and love once again, no matter your past.  Her journey from losing her mother and two sisters at the young age of thirteen, growing with a father numb from the loss and the effects that carried into her adult life.  I can only imagine the silence of a home filled with sadness.  And how hard it is to pick up the job of homemaker without the training a mother gives.  You can read a segment of Repairing Rainbows here.  Lynda also learned to put a harness on her life.  That she controls the path she takes.  It is all in choices we make.  Yes, we can not control what happens around us.  But we can choose on how to respond to those events.  Lynda does what she has to do with a CAN DO attitude. I love knowing that I can talk to Lynda myself too.  Yes, she has a twitter account and blog that you can follow if you wish.  I feel very lucky to have had this book for a review.  Thanks also to Tribute books for supporting me with this book.   Here is a TV interview with Lynda.  Very moving!

Like Lynda I work on seeing life as I want it to proceed.  No, not fake rose colored glasses.  But taking the everyday joys and making them important.  For example today Princess Emma is hanging out with me.  I know I have to clean the dog yard and a ton of chores are stacked up for me to do after being out of the house this week. I could focus on all the work and how much is not done.  Instead I am focusing on the time with Princess Emma.  The fun of her swinging on our tire horse swing.  She says "It is great to have the gentle summer breeze on my face."  She is right about that.  Sharing a cherry pop tart was great too.  We both giggled over the pink sprinkled topping pretending on how it was made.  I like the idea of Pink Clouds with Rainbow Rain.  Yes, during all of this I am doing lil chores so my list will get knocked down a bit.  But more so, I am living filled with joy.  


  1. Lenore, what a beautiful post. It captures perfectly the message of Lynda's book. Thank you for drawing out the spirit and the essence that filled Lynda's pages and joyfully sharing it with all of the readers of Crazed Mind. We appreciate your kicking off the blog tour in such a meaningful way.

  2. (((Hugs)))) I absolutely know what you mean, about everything

  3. stopping by to read your review. we are part of the tour, I am posting on the 12th. Very Nice review. I see we also share being LONE STAR residents. Happy Reading!! when i post i will stop by to remind you to check it out.

  4. Time with loved ones is more important than all of the riches in the world.

  5. Sounds like a great book!

  6. thanks for the reminder. I too am on the tour (25th) but the reminder to find the joys was useful to me today.

    I remember once, when the kids were very young, my Mom saying something about the kitchen needing to be cleaned. She stood there and said nevermind me, the kids need to play with their mom right now.


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