Hot and Hot

Sorry I am so far behind around here. Why? Well because I am melting. It is 107 here today. YES 107! And we do not have a/c available to us in our home. How do I know it is 107? Well because it said so in my car.

My car....yes my brand new Ford Focus! Yippppeeee. We have a car. Our Dodge Durango went out and we was looking at having to replace the motor. Instead we replaced the Dodge all together. What luck. Now if only we could live in it!
Thank you to everyone at Stanley Auto Group, especially Scott Valdez!  Y'all they treated us like we were more than upstanding!

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  1. WooHoo!! With the money you will save in gas mileage you will be able to afford to take some rides in the nice cool air-conditioner.

    Enjoy your new car!!


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