One of Those Days

I am sure you know what I mean.   Just one that all goes wrong.  Yesterday was horrid all the way around.

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It started of hot of course.  And not using a/c really makes it unbearable in 105 degree temps.  Just way too expensive to do in my drafty old house.  Early in the day the heat had already knocked me on my hinney.  Trying to get the dishes washed was a massive chore.  Had chest pain and pain in my arm along with a blinding headache.  I had to just do a lil at a time but managed to get it all done.  Then it was time to go do some bill paying.  At least I was in a vehicle during that time. 

Yeah a/c!  Finally back at home and the grandbabes were ready for the lil pool.  Can't say I blame them.  What a great time for me to catch up on my blog since they had older ones out with them. 

Did I say catch up?  Nope.  Massive virus attack on my desk top.  Took til 12:30 AM to get it all taken care of.  In between was grandbabes crying.  Playing the Wii and controls flying into faces did not help.  Grandbabe boy teething and has many messy clothes from the side effects.  (Mom's you understand this.)  Grandbabe girl lost a tooth that was loose.  Laundry!  Dinner very late.  And heat, heat, heat. 

TearsImage by TimOve via FlickrSo today I woke praying it would be a much better day.  Thus far I am on the fence about it all.  My 70+ yr old dad is going through some trying times.  He called this morning in tears.  Nothing I know of has broke my heart as bad as hearing his pain. 

I know I am unloading here.  And I know you will listen with gentle hearts.  That is why I am here.  Where I have online friends that understand.  Yes we all have bad days.  Just right now I am a lil overwhelmed. 


  1. Sending best wishes for a better day, and good thoughts for your dad.

  2. So sorry yesterday was so rough. Unbearable heat makes everything seem worse in my book. My thoughts are with your Dad xx
    Louise Edington

  3. Praying that today was a much better day... Hoping the heat is not so intense today... or tomorrow and that things are better for your Dad...

  4. Oh no!! I hate the heat when it is that hot. I am an air conditioner baby. I hope those grandbabies aren't getting the best of you, I know that is all too easy to have happen.

    I hope things get better for your dad. Speaking of parents, how is your Mama doing?

    Hope the heat lets up on you all.

  5. I'm sorry! Nothing like extreme heat to wipe you out for the day. Makes me feel ill, too.


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