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Good morning folks.  It is a nice cool morning here.  Yes, I said cool.  Of course it is 5 a.m. too.

Let the day begin.  I know I am late.  So many post behind.  Was just busy and tired and hot and busy still.  So time to get back in the swing of things and rock n' roll.  What to catch up on?  Humm.  

Hey!  You know what we used for bedtime stories when the Grandbabes where here?  Not the old tried n' true kiddie stories.  Nope!  We went for the Chicken Soup for the Soul books on My Cats Life and My Dogs Life (two different editions).  When College Girl was just a lil one, her favorite stories were from James Herriot's books on animals.  The "All Creatures Great and Small" set was her first series of books that we purchased.  Before it was the different story here and there.  But reading about the lives of people and how they were affected by their pets always seemed to make our day anchored.  Realizing that we are blessed so to have these creatures who love us without any reserve.  Well, the Grandbabes loved the same thing in reading the stories collected in the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  Both of them so wanting to share their own stories of their pets.  I think we have found a winner here.  Always a new story available and many that bring a tear to your eye too. 

We can share them with you.  Yes!  You want to read with us?  Well great!  Let's do just that.  Of course the great Chicken Soup for the Soul giveaway that we are so famous for.  Ha Ha!  Leave me a comment.  YEAH, that is all you do.  Tell us what you love about your pets.  And do not forget the important parts.  What are they?  Well do you want the Dog or the Cat book first of all.  Oh and of course, how can we contact you once you win.  Come on now......I have books to share! 


  1. Hello,

    We have 2 cats plus 1 soon and 2 dogs. They are part of our family. Either book would be nice to read.the dogs go for walk, bike rides, car rides the cat prefer to stay home most of the time.

    Lynn W.

  2. I have Chicken Soup for the pet lovers soul, and cry every time I read it!

  3. I have the two dogs and queen Annabelle. I love them all, but Shelby will always have a special place in my heart... her and her tree climbing self. Either book would be awesome!

  4. Err.. I think my comment disappeared.. Blogger is not playing nicely today!!
    Its me Rene.. itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com.. Blogger keeps calling my Anonymous!!! NOT! I would love to read these books.. I have 2 vacations coming up.. great time to read.. Praying for cooler weather to come your way.. I can't complain about the heat here after seeing its 106 there.. whoo Take Care.. keep cool

  5. I am interested in the Dog Book.
    I have three wonderful 4 legged furbabies.
    I love them all dearly. George is a Pug, and he is 12 years old. He has been my side kick from the day that I brought him home. Gracie is my 14 year old Carolina Dog. She is a Southern Belle...quite a lady, and she is so good with all the grand babies. Gabe is the newest addition to our household. He is not quite 3 years old. He is a Plott Hound/Weimaraner Mix, and he is my Service Dog!
    Both Gracie and Gabe are true "rescues", and I really consider George a "rescue", because the conditions of the breeders home, were absolutely atrocious. We are not fans of purchasing dogs from breeders, but we just had to get him out of there!

    Thanks so much for this great giveaway!


  6. I love my pit bull, Dutchez. She's an entirely silly lovable dog. I'd love the Dog book(: please.
    Nguyenhkathy at gmail dot com

  7. Do I have to choose which one! We have dogs and cats! =) I love them both!

    I have my Smokey kitty that has made a guest appearance on our blog and also my Jaz girl(dog) also has made an appearance on our blog. They are both usually not far from me when I'm on the computer or working on jewelry I jokingly call them my supervisors haha


    Arizona Girls
    Arizona Girls Face Book
    Arizona Girls blog

  8. I have a cat and a dog that my children love. They are very good with kids which is great. I'd like the dog book

  9. I miss my pets. I'm too allergic to get one. :(

    But my aunt loves these books and I figured they'd be nice to read.

  10. Hey Kiddo! Long time no talk to. I've been pretty busy, on vacation and "laid up" as well with 3 fractured ribs. Haven't felt much like sitting at the computer. I've gotten on here long enough to do some posts and got off.
    You know my pet stories. I had our Taffy, (1/2 poodle, 1/2 lhasa apso for almost 18 years before she passed away. Now she's buried in our back pasture under our favorite peach tree. Hubby was so attached to her he won't allow another dog in the house. We do have lots of cats that "hang around" every few months we have a new "crew". Well, that's my pet story.
    God Bless!
    Love ya!

  11. Hey Kiddo! OOPS! I forgot to leave my e-mail address (as if you didn't know it! LOL!) p.creek54@gmail.com.

    Love ya!


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