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With a weekend coming up and a new car to drive it seems we are off for a road trip.  During this time we are going to get some much needed time with just Dear Hubby and I.  But of course what is a new car for if not showing off.  So we are also going to go and see some family members too.

Now I never like to arrive empty handed so I have a few goodies to take with me.  I thought you would want to see what they are.  Never know, they might just be what you was looking for too.

First off I know I may have mentioned that my Step Daughter is not feeling too well.  She has a long term illness and it is running her down really bad.  Add that into the mix of two very active kiddos and summer vacation...well you see the problem don't you.  So I thought maybe I could help out with a lil bit of ideas on how to keep the kids entertained while not being to taking on mom.  Since she does not have internet or a computer for herself or the kids available.  I knew that "101 Offline Activities You Can Do with Your Child" was a perfect start.  We always did different projects when I was growing up.  Princess Emma is working on her sock puppets right now.  But I thought that the Grandbabes could use some direction.  Some of my favorites were Pin the Food on the Plate using magnets and paper plates.   Easy Abacus using a shoe box and uncooked noodles.  Or Two-Bit Tiddly Winks that makes me remember playing this game in our hallway when I was growing up.  I hope this will help spark their imagination and help out mom too.

I also have the brand new Pressman Toy's Dinosaur Train All Aboard! Game.  The Grandbabes love Dinosaur Train and they also adore playing games.  I feel that here is one that can work with both the 7 year old and the 4 year old.  In this game, players will choose a character – Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don, Cory, Tank or Mr. Conductor – and try to move the fastest along the tracks. Speed through the three dinosaur eras: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous along the beautiful scenery. Special Stopwatch spaces will help you get closer to the nest, while Dinosaur Crossing spaces will send you back. The first player to reach the nest area in the center of the board wins.

After that we are going to get to see my Step Son, his lady and pat the belly to say hello to our future Grandbabe to be.  Not much more time and he will be here.  I can't wait!  Of course we have some items to share with this part of the family too.  First I want to make sure that my step son does not feel left out with all the attention on mom to be right now.  So I have a way for him and his dad to compete.  Yeah that always gets a guy's attention.  "The Man Test" is a a fun book with 100's of questions to test the knowledge of a real man.  Now we are not talking sports stats here.  No no no.  Instead fun trivia that will get both of them reved up.  There are questions like:
· What is the best day to negotiate a car purchase at a dealership?
· What should you do if a bear is about to attack you?
· What are the three things women lie most about online?

I also have a Chicken Soup for the Soul New Moms collection and The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy for the momma to be.  I know how much she loves to read.  And having the stories to lift her up as a New Mom will be perfect for her.  She is going to be so good....I just know it!  How lucky it is to be starting that journey.  I look back often on my days as a mom already.  Do you remember those first time feelings?  Some things never change for us do they?  Oh and of course to make delivery easier and get that pretty figure back into shape she can use the Miracle Ball Method.  We all know that exercise makes it so much easier to deliver.  And breast feeding alone does not make the pounds melt.  Yeah, raise your hand if 20 years later your still carrying around that 'baby fat'!  Don't we know that exercise is the key to having the figure.

Well what do you think?  Have I found the right gifts to take on my visits?  You know Nonnies have to come bearing gifts.  And I love being the gift giver!

DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary items to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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