Trip Ups n' Downs

 Yesterday was interesting to say the least.  We started on our day trip of appointments to have our first delay happen before we arrived.  On the way to Brownwood (almost there) we received a call telling us the appointment was canceled.  Yeah, only 30 minutes before we was to be there and it is over 30 minutes away.  Thus our being on the road already.  Well we went on in and dropped off a bill that was due in that town anyway.

Down the road was Zephyr Texas.  This place is barely a sneeze before it is gone.  But do not let the lil size fool you.  For if you do you will miss the  Zephyr Zebras.  No not just the local football team and school.  But the actually Zebras found on the Smith Briggs Ranch.  I had to stop and take a few photos of them.  So so so pretty to me.

The Donut Shop
223 N. Rice
Hamilton, TX 76531
Phone: 254-386-3379     
Next we took the back roads of Texas to the lil town of Hamilton.  Why?  Well because they have the best donuts ever there.  It is a redone gas station in bright colors with humongous fried pies, apple fritters, cinnamon rolls and tons more.  We go every chance we get.  And buy donuts by the boxes full too.  You know how I love donuts.   One of the world's perfect foods.  Did you know that all the calories and fat fall out through the hole?

Well then it was off to Gatesville where one of the largest Texas Prison is located.  Thankfully that was not our destination.  But instead to a nice lil bank here in Texas to take care of some business for my brother.  30 minutes and we were done and back on the road.  Noshing on the donuts still...of course.

Through Ft. Hood (men in uniform....anything more needed to be said here?) and on to Temple Texas for the VA Hospital.  Our Gentleman  had an appointment there.  He has a large growth on the side of his neck and we are concerned.  So it was a day for reading of the CAT scan and doing a biopsy.  We will know more later.  Pray for him please!  While  he was in the doctor's office, Granny M and I took a much needed nap in the car.  It was pleasant.  Windows down, under the trees with a lil breeze blowing.  A few hours later and off to home we started.

Just as we started back into Hamilton (yeah, home of the donuts) our car went, cough...sputter.....ding ding ding....warning lights.....stop!   Oh No!  Check oil light was on.  So we did.  And the oil was full!  Seems our oil pump is messing up.  Well we could not ride on home that way and not kill the car.  It was 5 p.m. and the shops were closing down.  So no repair job for us.  Still 33 miles from home and no one to rescue us either.  Dang it!  Well we hired this big ol wrecker to haul us home.  $140 dollars later...they unloaded us in our front yard. 

Dear Hubby was waiting on us along with Princess Emma.  Glad to see us safe from our trip.  Now we are looking at how to get the car fixed on our limited budget.  But oh, that is life.  By the way, Princess Emma was there for the evening because Other Mom and the Poppi went to see  College Girl in Summer and Smoke.  Here is what the review had to say.

Tarleton Theatre gives smoking performance - Fine Arts: "One of the funniest characters in the play, though, was Alma's mother Mrs. Winemiller played by Denea Little, a nutty woman with what seemed to be an addiction to ice cream." This is better known to all of y'all as College Girl. She is having a blast in this play. I can't wait to go and see it Friday night.


  1. Wow what a day you had... Busy, busy, busy.. So glad you were able to get a wrecker to haul you and the donuts home.. Hopefully the problem with the car will turn out to be minor.. and Cheap!!!
    Take care.. oh and College Girls play sounds terrific.. Congrats to her on a job well done!

  2. Ugh, sorry to hear about the car troubles. That tow bill, didn't seem to bad for a rollback. They charge an arm and a leg around here for putting it on the hook and damaging it usually.

    Have a great weekend, sending good thoughts for the Gentleman.


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