Celebrating Love with the Wee One

This has been a busy week.  So much going on that I am unsure if I can put it all down here for you.  But the topper for me has been a wonderful visit from my youngest stepdaughter.  It has been something that we have been waiting for....well it feels like forever.  Tons of history but not really going to bore you with the background lives of Crazed Mind.  Just let me say we are so so so happy.

Now I am giving her the name of Wee One on here.   But of course she is a grown woman now too.  So don't let that deceive you.  But she is the youngest of our combined brood.  Being so you would think that I would be thinking of all the 'motherly' advice I could hand out to her.  No, nope, noway.  Why?  Well because I find I can learn so much more from her.  Patience, love, joy of being in the moment.  This young woman has not had the life of charm and ease.  Yet she continues to look at the best of things.  It so reminds me of Dear Hubby.  He is the same way.  What I have to say I learn the most from her, is understanding.

The Wee One does not seem to judge at all.  She accepts at face value what is before her.  And she pulls the love from others and shares it.  Like passing out big slices of hot chocolate cake to everyone around her.  Steaming with deep love and smelling like home everywhere.  Isn't it amazing that so much can come from one heart.  I hope there is some way I can show her how I feel.  Give her a lil reminder that she holds the hearts of so many in hers.  And that she is never walking the path alone.  I was thinking this lil charm necklace from the Heart of Haiti project could do just that.

 In honor of the women in our lives Macy's with the Heart of Haiti and Rwanda Path to Peace has issues a  15% discount on the HOH collection from May 3rd through the 8th.  Pop over and see what they have and remember to look for that special Mother's Day gift too.  Make sure you use the Promocode CLEVERGIRLS.

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  1. Thanks for the info and i'm glad you had a great time!



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