To Sleep or Not to Sleep

NightmareImage by bornazombie via FlickrOkay, I am going to decide that sleep is just over rated. Who is with me on this one? I am tired of trying to get good sleep dang it.  Decided it would be best to bite the bullet and take my sleep meds every night.  This way I would rest well.  And that would proceed to better days with less depression.  NO!

I took my meds last night.  Then had nightmare after nightmare all night long.  Screaming and crying in my sleep.  And unable to really wake up.  It was horrid.  From arguments with my mother, to my husband being in the hospital, to looking for Princess Emma who was lost and ending up with my father shooting himself.  My throat is sore, my eyes puffy, I am physically exhausted and emotionally strained. 

So what is the answer?  I am up for suggestions at this point.  HELP ME!


  1. Oh Lynette.. I am so sorry you are having such a hard time getting a nights rest.
    I can say that when I take any medication it usually gives me horrible night mares..
    I sleep well at night I just don't sleep for a long time. I usually wake up rested which is a good thing.. The last few weeks I have found that a nice walk in the evening has helped me rest..
    And this is going to sound so silly but years ago someone told me that a person needs to drink plenty of water each day and that it helps your body rest well at night.. something about cleaning out the toxins from the day.. Hey.. waters cheap.. its worth a try if you don't already drink plenty of water..
    I wish you a good nights sleep..
    Take Care

  2. Auntrene's advice is good. Also stop watchin TV or using anything with a screen a couple of hours before you go to bed. I know, that's easier said than done. but try readng a book in bed before turning the light out.

  3. Goodness gracious!! I am a dreamer of all sorts. My dear hubby has threatened to put me in my own room. I have crazy dreams of tigers trying to get in the house, my brother in law throwing white monkey's on me (white monkey's, really?), hubby being a pilot and purposely crashing a plane with us on it and on and on. My mom does the same thing. Sleep is definitely over rated. The thing that works best for me is my muscle relaxer that I am supposed to take every night for my fibromyalgia along with a pain pill. The tylenol PM's just seem to make the dreaming worse. My doctor has been trying to get me to take those sleep med's for a while like I told you and I had decided to agree with her at my next appointment but after reading this I am not so sure. Maybe I should resort to some good ole Jack Daniels. lol


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