TMRA in My Neck of the Woods

Today I thought I would join my sisters to the North and see what is going on in your neck of the woods.  It is being hosted by the RHOK.  They are a fun bunch even if they are stuck in Oklahoma.   I know, I know...but as a Texan I can always wish they would migrate over the Red River and join me!

The RHOKNow on to the fun.  You can link up over at The RHOK for this MeMe. 

Then just let us all know what is going on where your at.  Link it up and everyone will pop in and out to see the happenings.

I live in a lil 2 mile by 2 mile hick country town.  But we do have a fairly nice, very shaded city park.  And it is there that the Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association will be hosting their State Rally this weekend. We expect 400 visitors to be in Comanche spending the weekend and taking in the sights.  I really love attending this event each year.  My oldest brother was a member of the TMRA and helped them find our lil ol town.  They hold a state rally every other year.  It started of real small and they would meet at my mom's cafe.  Well in not time at all it went from 50 or so riders up to the now 400+.  They also moved down to the city park.  There they camp out for the weekend and we are treated to their hospitality.  Showing us the beautiful bikes and answering our questions.  They also have organized rides, raising money for the charities they support.  It is a load of fun.  So if your anywhere near Comanche this weekend stop on in.  Visit with these fun men and women.  And holler at me.  We can have a glass of Ice Tea on my big ol front porch too. 

If you wish to know more about the TMRA you can visit their facebook page.  And I leave you with one last question.  Why do they call someone who rides a bicycle a cyclist and someone who rides a motorcycle a biker?


  1. You books should arrive today UPS. More expensive, but I was really sick last week, and when I HAD to venture out on Thursday to mail something UPS, I sent your books then.

  2. How cool that your family is the one that started that and it's grown so big.

    I always wondered the whole cyclist/biker thing too.

    Here they call the women bikers, biker bitches.

    My stepdad has a Harley and when my mom used to ride with him she would always wear a helmet (we do not have a helmet law in OK and Harley riders in OK do NOT wear helmets). She was known around these parts as Buckethead. LOL!!! She doesn't ride anymore.

    Thanks for linking up with The RHOK.

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. That is cool that your family started that! Hope you get some pics of all the bikes! :)

  4. Interesting. You have a great site :)

  5. Interesting question about the cyclist/biker thing...I've never thought about it!

    Sounds like an awesome event! My parents LOVE attending bike rallies!

  6. Look at you Ms. Big Event Planner!!!
    That is huge!!! 400 bikers...what will your neck of the woods do w/all those peeps?!
    Thanks for linking up & showing us some Texas love today!
    Let us know when you post pics of the bikes.
    Mrs. Montgomery

  7. Lol -That is a good question! That sounds like a really neat event -too bad I'm not near there to check it out and have some tea :)

  8. I love these charity events for the motorcyclists! So cool that it is in your town! I like your cyclist/bicyclist question. Here is another one for you. Why do you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway? LOL! Thanks for linking up today. Mrs. Hart

  9. How cool that the rally is held in your town. Love your question regarding the cyclist/biker. Here is another on for you. Why do you park on a driveway, but drive on a parkway? LOL! Thanks for linking up today! Mrs. Hart

  10. That is an EXCELLENT question. I wish I could answer it. LOL.


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