Honoring My Gentle-man

We have been lucky to have a gentleman stay with us for a lil while now.  He is 66 years old, a Navy veteran and dang if not an all around good guy.  I can not believe the help he has given us.  Working side by side in making a veggie garden.  I will give him the name of My Gentle-man for you to know who I am talking about on here. 

Well, if you have ever had the pleasure of sitting with such a man for any length of time then you know you hear a story or two.  I smile as he is so courteous when talking with us.  MG compliments my cooking too.  I am telling you that is an ego boost for me, big time.  I have enjoyed trying a few home cooking favorites so he will have meals that bring back good memories for him.  I am not a big country cook. 

The other day he was showing us some of his treasures.  It was great to see what was of value to him.  A crocheted blanket him mother made him 23 years ago.  It looked brand new.  Having been put up in a zipped bag for storage.  So nice that he can wrap up in this blanket and know it reflects his mother's love to him.  MG also showed us a belt buckle he purchased in 1987 for the Bi-Centennial celebration.  That was the same year that College Girl was born.  He had the paperwork with it showing it to be a collectors numbered piece.  This is something that marks a great time passage. 

I wanted to find a way that he could keep this to view, not stored in a box.  But at 24 years old we did not want it out in the elements.  And sure enough we found just the right way to do just that.  Have you seen the DisplayIT3D frame?  This is a frame that displays items that normally would not fit in a frame.  And keep them sealed inside safely too. 

You open the frame and there is a film that stretches to great lengths to encompass the items you wish to keep.  We put in the belt buckle and an eagle pin on one side with the certificate on the other side.  I wanted to make sure the prongs did not poke through the film.  Pretty cool?  I thought so too.

So what would you choose to display in a frame like this?  Would it give you a great story to share?  How about a way to honor someone you love too?  I love the ease of the frame and am tickled that I get to share it with you.  And of course, I have the frame....no pay...you know the drill right?

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