MENLO PARK, CA - DECEMBER 09:  A Menlo Park fi...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeYes, I said fire.  Yesterday the backyard of my father's house caught fire.  Thankfully he is fine and the hose did not catch!  I am so happy for that and Thank God! 

But it did do some damage.  And it did some good.  You see I lost my home to fire one time before.  We lost everything!  And I did not know what it was going to help me.  But it did.  Many people for the local church helped us.  A little bit at a time.  Giving me time to grow and come back to God.  It was the best fire ever. 

Well at my father's home there is quite a bit of stuff.  You see he is a hoarder.  Yes, I said that.  The fire has scared him.  Today he has neighbors helping him and he is cleaning up what has burned.  But better yet, he now wants to get everything out.  Well of the yard.  And that is quite a large amount.  And even more so, a very big step for him.  I see that once again a fire has been a blessing.  It has helped him see his life differently.  It has helped him see change is needed.  That change has already started.  For that I am very proud.


  1. Glad and sad at the same time love ya

  2. Did you torch the yard for a good blog post?

  3. Kathy McNutt4/7/11, 6:37 PM

    We never realize the potentially good things that will come out of something terrible! Glad he is ok!

  4. LOL sure our burn ban area. We have not had a good rain in 9 months. Everything here is dryer than toast.

  5. Oh my goodness Lenore..

    I really hate to know that and at same time I'm glad to know your dad is ok. As you very well know I have not one but two very close people to me that are hoarders. I absolutely do not like this at all and fear for their lives as well for the exact same reasons. I can only hope now that if they become of what happened w/your dad that maybe just maybe they might see things differently. One can hope for the best and put our worries in the hands of the Lord ..(As our sweet Grace would always say in her loving and understanding way)he will see what is best for us..
    xoxoxox Heather

  6. omg honey. Glad all is well pretty much.

    We had a fire here a few years ago and I dreamed all my stuff was gone and funny but it was a relief. I can't explain it...


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