Finishing up Weekend Wrap-Up

Well today I am doing the second half of the weekend wrap up.  After a very busy yesterday with 20 or so guest, today is time to rest.  So now I can finish my thoughts and share them with you.  Now I am going to start off today with my constant problem of depression and lack of sleep.  Yes, they seem to go hand in hand,  At least today I am well rested.  I took one of my sleeping pills last night and slept all night.  I know I should take them every night.  But as weird as it may sound, I am scared that I will miss something.  It is also very odd for me to sleep and not dream as I do so every night.  Unless I take a sleeping pill, then I am dream free.

I have been reading the latest Andy Andrews book, The Final Summit.  In this book the main character, David, seems to feel he is at his end too.  That there not anything vital left for him in the world.  Oh, if that does not sound like depression!  Instead he has a job to do.  One that is not called for from just any man, but from David himself.  In following what famous historical figures have done before, David explores their principles to guide a new life.  This story was a mystery that had a surrealistic feel while motivating me too.  Well worth reading.

It led well into Adoption Nation.  I loved the chance to read more here on how adoption is transforming our families as well as the face of the nation.  I am lucky enough to have a friend who has a beautiful adopted daughter.  And a friend who was adopted by her family.  Thus, I am able to see this from both angles of child or parent.  This is the latest revised edition by Adam Pertman.  It is amazing to think that you can find your son or daughter on the other side of the world.  Bring them to your home and know in your heart this was what was meant to happen all along.  Thank goodness for those that both adopt and those who help this function along.

Along the lines of social thought and beliefs is the book World Without Fish.  Mark Kurlansky feels that this may be where we are headed.  He wrote this book to help kids understand they can make a difference in our oceans and world.  Talking about how to incorporate sustainable fishing and to improved the oceans.  I know we have had to deal more and more with oil spills and water pollution.  Many are worried that if fishing practices are not geared toward was to sustain the fish population.  But I also know that it will take a massive movement before people really fight for these actions.  It is hard in a bad economy to purchase a more expensive line caught fish compared to fish caught by the masses.  We have to also look at where we are located as to what is available.  There is not a way in Central Texas I could find a 'fresh line caught' fish at any local store or eatery.  And with the drought we have had I am not likely to be able to do the same myself at our local lake.  So do I decide to forgo eating fish all together?  May be the answer but one we each have to look at and make.

This sure does take me back to when my daughter was growing up.  Her lessons on caring for our planet came from Captain Planet.  Remember that cartoon?  How the powers came together, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart led by Captain Plant to fight the Eco-Villains.  I love that now I can show the grandbabes the same series.  I have all of season one, 26 episodes on 4 dvds to show them when they are visiting.  I bet that Captain Planet and the Planeteers would make sure we were doing the right thing in caring for our oceans.  Without a doubt!  You can get your own copy on Earth Day which happens to be the 19th of this month.

That seems to be a good way to bring in earth day.  What will you be doing to help teach your kiddos ways of protecting their world?  Here are 10 ideas for you if you would like to look.  Oh and the usual here, no pay just great books and dvds have arrived here.  You know the drill. 


  1. Hope you are able to get a Good Nights Rest tonight... Sounds like a very busy weekend.. Take Care

  2. I wish that my sleep issues were because I am afraid I might miss something. lol Unfortunately I can't seem to shut my mind down. I just told my Aunt Friday night that I was going to tell the Dr the next time I go back to go ahead and give me the pills to sleep. I keep telling her no because the thought of them scares me but she keeps telling me that if you use them correctly they are okay to use. I think it goes hand in hand with depression and this week has been terrible for me. 4 to 5 hours per night tops and I am person who need lots of sleep and this is killing me. I need a vacation to just sleep. Now, wouldn't that be something? lol


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