Weekend Wrap Up

A bright and cheerful good morning to everyone today!  It is going to be a busy day around here.  We are having College Girls official birthday party today.  And it has grown to a cookout of 20 or so people.  Yeah, it happens all the time.  But I am anticipating a wonderful time.  It all starts with a waffle breakfast at 8 a.m.  Yikes, that is just a lil over an hour away.  Time to get really busy.

Well, I am doing a lil weekend wrap up today.  I have been somewhat absent here this week.  Have been dealing with depression quite a bit.  That normally means you will find me in bed hiding.  And yes, I have spent a good bit of the week just there.  So what have I been doing there?  Well, reading quite a bit.  See there was Breath of Angel.  This is some of the new fantasy that has been coming out lately.  We have Angels and Shape-Shifters along side mortal man.  I have to say I have a hard time following stories like this.  Why?  Well I have to get my head wrapped around a whole new dimension in each book.  Each author rewrites what the 'rules' are.  I mean we all knew vampires could not be in the sun, right?  Then along comes Twilight and the rules have changed.  If you stick with a series then you have time to adapt to their world.  But with each new one comes a new world.  Sadly by the time I figured out most of this one the book was half finished.  But it is Book One of the Angeleon Circle so I have hope to visit it again.  And this time I will not be a guest but a friend.

Oh I also spent some time watching the TV too.  I checked out a DVD of Siomon Says, Let's Stop Climate Change to see if it would appeal to my grandbabes.  (They have a birthday coming up!)  I do have to say that having this presented as a cartoon will help connect to the babes.  And teaching kids how to help stop global warming is a great lesson.  I feel they can understand the ideas of reducing waste, reusing items and recycling.  But I know it will loose some of them n carbon footprints and solar panels.  I did love that it backed up a lot of what is done at Nonnie's (my) country home.  Here we eat less meat, dry clothes on the line and are growing a veggie garden in our front yards.  I do think that hippoworks.com is on the right track of teaching young children great habits to care for this earth. 

Fly Away Trailer from Fly Away on Vimeo.
Another show I was watching is a film called FLY AWAY that's opening on April 15th for Autism Awareness Month. The film is as much a story about a mother and daughter and their relationship as it is about the realities of living with autism.  Oh this one had me hoping against hope for a way to change life for so many.  Having a niece and a nephew who have this battle it breaks my heart that the lines of communication can become so garbled for them.  Knowing and feeling something yet not being able to get others to understand that is so frustrating.  The DVD version of this will also be released on April 26th.  Look for it!

Now you know I tend to look at things a lil differently.  And one of the things I have done is taken a book intended for pre teens and turned it into a writing tool for College Girl.  Get to Know Your Kid was intended as a way to have your children share their thoughts and world.  By asking a simple question like 'What is the best day of your life?' and having them describe it for you in the book.  Yes, it is one you can write in.  But instead CG will be taking those same questions and using them as a starting point for writing exercises.  I think this is a great idea!  Also we can share the book later with our Granddaughter.  Just have to give her a few more years to develop her own writing skills.    I think this would be a great gift for a 13 yr old who is always looking at their world in a new way.  

Well, you see.....even laying around in bed I tend to be busy.  Guess that is why I become depressed at times.  Just can not turn off the old noggin.  I know there are others like me....just not close by.  But I will take the time to rest when it becomes too much.  And as for today....it is time to get started.  Whew!  We are going to have a house, yard and party full.  Come by if your in the area and say howdy!

Oh, and always, I do not get paid for seeing movies or reading books.  Boy, wouldn't that be the life?  But I am lucky enough to have these items sent to me to look at.  Sweet!  So thanks so for looking them over with me too.


  1. I susppose as vampires and shape shifters don't exist there are no hard and fast rules. Writers caan make up pretty much what they want.

  2. Wow, you have been busy laying in bed. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have those days also, yesterday being one of them. I had to make myself get up off the couch and do something. I just didn't feel like facing the world. Hiding is the exact word to use to describe how I felt. I know what you go through. Isn't it amazing how sometimes the medications work and then at other times they don't do anything at all? Wishing you well!

    Hope that College girl had a very happy birthday!!


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