teckie challenged

Okay I Am trying to do a post from my cell phone. I know this is easy to most but as I said yesterday I am learning a bit slower than most bloggers. That includes the teckie stuff too.
I am going to meet up with the Texas Beef Council in May and wish to be savy on how to blog, tweet and facebook while on the road. I Plan on having my netbook as back up with me too. SO wish me luck folks and I will be back later today.


  1. Yay! You! I find it possible to blog from a phone but not all that easy... kind of a pain in the neck if you ask me :)

    You did good!


  2. WooHoo!!! You did it!!! Thats Fantastic!!! Good Job.. I know my phone won't let me do that.. but I update in July.. maybe I will have a Tech Savvy phone then.. (I will need lessons on how to work it, hope my 9 year old niece is available that week!)
    Take CAre

  3. I can facebook and tweet from my phone but haven't tried to blog yet. I also found out that I can facebook and tweet from my Kindle, how cool is that? lol I just have to do it.

  4. you did it!
    I have had a smartphone for years but have yet to try blogging from it...maybe I'll try it myself this week! :)


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