Birthday Gifts for the Grandbabes

Next month is the birthday of my Grandbabes. Actually just one day apart at that. So we have been looking at different things to put in their packages. We found something for them to share in their bedroom.  And a lil to help decorate it up some for our Grandson.  But there has to be all the extra fillers too.  At least for me that is how I always see it.

I have to always have in some books as reading is so important to me.  And the Grandbabes both love stories.  My Grandson will love the cardboard book 'Rocket Town'.  It is perfect with rockets, trucks and trains while they are traveling in an old pickup.  Bright colors that help the countdown to blastoff.  This was done by Bob Logan who worked on Madagascar, Open Season and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs too!

I also think that both Grandbabes will love the book 'I Love to Swim' with summer coming up.  Time is the water is part of summer in Texas with the heat we have.  Rita Goldberg wrote this book to help children who so wish to swim.  She started teaching children to swim in a basement pool in England back in 1981.   There is also a dvd in the back of the book to share with your lil ones.  Perfect!   And seeing the joy that water has always brought to kids she was able to show that to children everywhere with this book.  Teaching water safety rules and ways to move so you can swim.  I am thankful for anyway to help alleviate the fear of water that some children have.  I remember being scared when I was a child....thankfully I finally learned how to enjoy the water.  Now I just like to hydrate anytime I can!

My pick for my Granddaughter is 'Bluebonnet Time!'.  What a bold book that has beautiful facts popping out all around you.  Along with the cd of songs to listen to when we are out looking for the wildflowers on our roadsides.  The Bluebonnet is our state flower and one that makes me so happy to see fields covered in the bright colors.  I have shown off my own favorite photo that I took one Easter morning.   I hope that sometime soon I will have time to take some more photos of my own Grandbabes in a field of bluebonnets.  It is almost a Texas tradition.  My Granddaughter loves to read to me, her Nonnie.  This will be a perfect evening read on the porch this summer.  I can't wait.  Can you?

My other lil extra is a Disney dvd for my Granddaughter of Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure.  Sharpay Evans plays a small town Diva who has hit New York City with her lil dog, Boi.  And then the adventure begins.  TK loves to sing along with shows so I know she will be performing right along with the songs here.  Especially the son Baby that Justin Bieber released performed here with  Ashley and Ryan Evans of High School Musical.  See for yourself right here.  You can get your own copy next week as it is being released on April 19th.  I think that it is going to be cute seeing TK with the Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure Limited Edition Clutch that comes with the 3 disc set.

This has been so much fun setting up gifts for the kids.  I wonder what else I might find between now and then.  Thanks so to the different PR reps that sent me these books and the DVD.  I am so lucky to get the sneak peek at them all.  Of course you know I am not paid for this....just lucky to show off the items to you.  What a life!


  1. Sounds like great birthday fun!! I bet they will love everything, especially the books. Story time is so much fun!!

  2. Wonderful template and wonderful blog. Nice pictures. Greetings from Iceland )

  3. Those sound like great stories!

  4. I will have to find some of these!

  5. I love love love buying books for kids - I even buy them as shower gifts. Im not kidding, I just did it about two weeks ago :)


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