Serenity in Motherhood: Giveaway

I have shared with you that we will have a new Grandbabe this summer.  The new mommy to be is doing her best to handle all the changes going on with her body.  What a great difference for a young attractive lady to feeling like your carrying around this foreign body.  Not at all what your use too.  I feel for her also with our Texas heat.  It has already been in the 90's here.  I pray they have access to a pool as that is the only place I could imagine being during the summer for your last trimester of pregnancy.  What secrets would you share with our new mommy to be?

I wanted to share with her from the Tao of Motherhood (20th Anniversary Edition).  I love how this one helps one look at life with a clearer mind.


Keep your life simple,
and serenity will follow.

Like a small country with little
need for supersonic travel,
a simple life has little need for
tension and stress.

Give your children yourself, and
the need for things will be minimal.

I love the way this one flows.  Showing that we are enough for ourselves and our children.  Even before they are up and running.  It is like a clear meditation to start the day.  Do you meditate?  What do you focus on?

I know that reading also helps clear my mind.  And quite often just a lil page or two helps me focus on what has been wondering around in my mind.  That is why I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul books so well.  Granny M has one sitting on the front porch with her right now.  It is how she relaxes, unwinds and prepares for an afternoon nap.  I am happy to have a new one to share with my new mommy-to-be.  Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms seems to be as close to perfect as I could get.  I am going to add this one to her gift for the baby shower.  Everyone needs a lil something for themselves, don't you agree?  I know that reading is a joy that our mommy loves too.  So how about you?  Any new mommies out there?  Got one on the way or know someone who does?  If so how about sharing....I can help.   We are giving away 3 of this issue to our readers. 

It is easy to win...just leave a comment with your email listed in it.  Tell me a piece of advice to pass on to my mommy to be here.  I will share them all with her.   And I will pick 3 winners in a week.  Ready.....get to commenting!


    i recomend exercise and lots of water!

  2. ALWAYS remember when you look at the MIRACLE, you are looking at the face of an angel from God!! LOTS of snuggles, and kisses too!!

  3. I would remind her to ask for help! No one expects her to do it all by herself, but they might not want to offer too much help so they don't offend her. She doesn't have to try to be a superhero - she already IS one!
    wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

  4. I just found your Blog!
    I love it , so fresh and different from the ones I've read lately.
    My tip is to not spend so much time cleaning...the dust and dirt will always be there but your babies and children won't.
    I'm a new grandma and would love to win this for my DIL!


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