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Today my knee is swollen up like a balloon.  So I am going to take it easy.  So easy that I have my feet up now while hanging on the front porch.  Nothing better than a cup of coffee, listening to the birds sing and relaxing.  I do have to say thanks so to the Other she is also hosting my blog today.  See how she feels she is slowing down while battling her Lyme disease.  Seems to me she is running even harder.  Actually I should have Princess Emma this afternoon so she can rest.  Take it away......The Other Mother:

Well, I started my new medications for the Lyme disease yesterday. They are already making me feel awful.We ordered pizza for dinner, which we hardly ever do. I just did not feel like cooking. I was telling my good friend Lynette over @ Crazed Mind about my dilemma and I will be darned if she didn't have a solution. She had a new copy of Potluck Favorites by Hearst Magazines. It has 126 recipes for just about everything from appetizers to desserts. There are recipes for vegetarian and slimmed down favorites as well. I was looking through it and there are so many one pan recipes and casseroles that I can make all in one day and freeze for the days I feel awful. Now, I already have a copy of Slow Cookers plus Soup Stews and Casseroles from Hearst Magazines which we loved everything we cooked out of, so I am very excited to try the new recipes in Potluck Favorites. The one I am going to make tonight is ravioli and zucchini lasagna. It looks amazing! The even have some very yummy dessert recipes, which will make Papi happy. He has a mad sweet tooth:) The Poo saw the picture of the mozzarella and pesto grilled pizzas and asked if we could make those. They look very simple and only require a few ingredients, so I think she could make her own pizza and I will cook it for her. They even have grilling tips for the bar b que recipes that would work for anything you could possibly make on the grill. I am so happy to know that I can still feed my family well while I am on the mend. Thanks again to Lynette @ Crazed Mind for the new cookbook and help with a major dilemma. This is a review, I received no compensation. Lynette received a copy of the magazine for review purposes which she has graciously shared with me in my time of need.

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  1. I like the sound of the mozzarella and pesto pizza.


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