Sleep Over Tonight

Grandbabes are here once again.  I am so happy to see them.  And I have them all week.  Today Princess Emma has also been here.  It has once again been a loud, laughing, running, jumping house.  Can not believe how much I have missed all this noise.  But I have.  And look at them all so sweet.  This is after a full day of fun.  Now we are ready for bed.  Princess Emma is having her first sleep over with us.  Yes that is my make shift sleep over bed.  Placed the couch and love seat facing each other so that no one can fall out of bed.  Okay, I admit our grandson did fall off the love seat Monday night.  I felt horrible.  So now we are creating a nest so to speak for bedtime.  But it fits them all in so well.  And now it is time for our bedtime story.  We are going to explore 'My name is not Alexander' tonight.  We had read one before about Isabella before, where she tried on the roles of different famous ladies.  Well Alexander is doing the same thing.  He pretends to be Thomas Edison, Fred Astair and other great men.  I know how much fun it is to pretend and so do the kiddos.  Tonight we were also invited to a birthday party for an elephant and doggie.  It was quite thrilling as not all of us could fit into the Princess tent.  So the party had to be moved 'out doors' to the dining room floor instead.  Oh and one more thing, I wanted to show you how the artist was able to do the pictures in the book.  I thought it was pretty interesting, since I do not have this kinda talent.  Here see!

Pretty cool huh?  Well, I know that Jennifer Fosberry is happy working with Mike Litwin.  Their first book, My Name is not Isabella has become a New York Times bestseller and was featured on NPR.  Now for me that is the big time.  I do wish to thank them and Source books for letting me review for them.  Of course there is not a compensation, but having all these wonderful books to read sure does make me happy.  Now I have to decide which of the kiddos is getting this one.  Hummm, think it is too advanced for the grandson just yet.  But maybe will be good to put up for a Christmas gift this year?


  1. Looks like a fun time!!!! Great idea making a "Nest"... Enjoy!!
    Loved the video, so did the kiddos pretty interesting!

  2. Great picture and I am so glad she got to have her very first sleep over at your house! I bet story time was so fun with all of them :)


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