The Perfect Pup

I loved having a new toy to share recently.  Of course I gave it to Princess Emma.  What I liked was the low cost.  It made me think of how often she will ask for a 'cheap' toy, meaning low cost not low quality.  Well, now we have a great lil addition.  And we can keep adding to the stock pile as there are a variety of different ones.  Here, I will let the Other Mother tell you about it.  (BTW--Go visit the Other Mother soon!)

The Poo's new puppy !

No, I don't have to feed this one thankfully. She was lucky enough to get a Muttles for Valentine's Day. What is a Muttle you ask? Don't feel bad I had to ask too. Muttles are adorable little puppies that are a cross between breeds, a hybreed, if you will. There are 8 of them in all and each one comes with an adoption certificate, trading cards and tatoos which is big fun for a little girl. They also come with a code you can enter on their website so that your little one can go play with their new pet in a virtual world as well. The Poo has a Cavachon – Cavalier King Charles + Bichon Frise.

Now, they are pretty small and I was afraid the Poo would not be able to keep up with it but she has done really well. The only trouble we had was she wanted to sleep with it and her real puppy, The Prince, was jealous. He stole it during the night and tried to kill it. They are apparently well made as many of her toys have not survived a Prince attack but this did. Other than being a little crusty from the slobber and requiring a bath, the Muttle was none the worse for wear. Not to bad for an inexpensive toy (3.99) and she does adore it. Thanks to Lynette at Crazed Mind for giving her this cutie. She really loves it!

You can also find Muttles on Twitter and Face Book.
This is a review for Muttles. I received no compensation. Lynette received a Muttle for review purposes which she kindly gave to the Poo. The opinions are my own.


  1. The Muttle is adorable and I know my little niece and my great niece would love one... Great Review!!!

  2. Dear Lynette,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Looks like you have been busy! Hope you have a wonderful week. Will keep in touch.
    God bless.

  3. Hey Kiddo! The Muttles are adorable as is Emma! Sorry we keep missing each other at Curves! I keep saying I'm gonna come by, but you know how that is. What can I say, I'm a home body! LOL!

    Love ya Bunches!

  4. Cute Muttles and Emma is a doll!!

  5. That Muttle is cute! So sorry the dog had murderous thoughts! :)


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